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Are you bored in your relationship?


Watch this powerful coaching demonstration that shows you how to build a vision around what you really yearn for in your love life and how important it is to vibrationally feel your deepest Heart's longing...

The clip is funny, enlightening and profound in it's implications.

What was your medicine? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Ready to find your purpose and deepen your relationships? Come to theHeart iQ Experience in the Spring in either the USA or Europe.

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The Secret To Sustainable Change


The most important skill for for those learning Heart iQ is 'Tracking'.

Tracking is the term we use to describe the process of watching our resistance to the thoughts and feelings we have towards the present moment.

If we can see how we judge or resist the moment, we are one step closer to coming into self acceptance and unconditional love.

And when we fully accept ourselves, we increase our capacity to love others.

In this video, I share an overview of what tracking is and what it can do for you, as well as show you a live demo of me coaching a client to better track his reality.

The 'ah-ha' at the end is profound and well worth the watch... Enjoy!

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How To Find Joy, In Any Moment, At Any Time


The secret to accessing joy whenever you want to:

1) Feel your present moment experience

2) Accept and love where you are

3) Feel into what you want to feel better

4) Ask for what you need from others that would bring you joy

5) Let yourself receive the love and attention from life and others. Open your Heart to being seen, felt and loved.

Follow these steps and you'll access a state of profound fulfilment and joy, but the REAL secret is to remember that that this is a PRACTICE.

Doing it once or twice only creates a transitory peak experience. It's when this becomes a habit, a natural way of BEING, that we realise that every moment can be an expression of feeling, connecting, asking and receiving.

Which step do you notice you have difficulty taking in your life?

Leave a comment below and share your medicine...

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The Big Reveal - Part 2, A New Financial Model for a New Era

news & updates Jan 31, 2018



I did something today that has taken me years to finally do. 

I turned Heart iQ into a movement, funded by a new model of conscious commerce.

Instead of charging set prices for events and experiences, I've moved to a model where you get to contribute an amount based on your salary and what you earn.

That way, Heart iQ is made available to everyone, fairly. Those that have more, pay more and it's all done in trust, with no checks, no shame.

Everyone thinks I'm crazy for doing it, as I risk losing everything I have worked decades to accomplish.

But, in my Heart, I know this is the right step. If it works, Heart iQ will be free to be shared around the world contributing to a United Humanity.

If, on the other hand, the community does not show up, then Heart iQ Network will be gone in a matter of months. 

It's a risk I'm willing to take... because Heart iQ is not a luxury for the privileged few, it's a necessity.


I just couldn't take...

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The Big Reveal - The 2018 Heart iQ Roadmap

news & updates Jan 23, 2018

Here's the replay of The Big Reveal that reveals the roadmap for Heart IQ in 2018 and beyond.

Here are the important links mentioned in the video:

1) New website where you can register for Heart iQ Essentials, free online course is available at

2) Calendar of events can be found at

3) Registration is now open for the USA and Netherlands Heart iQ Experience at

4) You can enroll on the waiting list for the new Heart iQ Academy at

5) The Family Vacation Retreats are open for registration. See the calendar

6) The one and only Heart iQ Men's Retreat is open for registration. See the calendar for more information.

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The Great Polarities of Life

The Heart iQ Activation Journey begins by connecting the two primary life-force channels. We call these channels “The Great Polarities of Life”.


Polarity is based on contrast, the bigger the potential difference between light and dark, the greater the force of energy that is ‘pumped’ through your energetic-emotional system. In Heart iQ we practice clearing, opening, widening, deepening these channels.


The Great Vertical Polarity - This is the polarity created between the contrast of the Essential Masculine and Sacred Feminine within ourselves - it is the sacred union of the Divine Father and Great Mother.


The Divine Father

The Divine Father is your connection to the sky, to the heavens, to the realm of the absolute, to pure love and light, to consciousness, wisdom and pure clarity and knowing. This source of energy comes from above, down through the crown into the mind and to the Heart. It is the Divine Essential Masculine.

The Great...

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The 4 Life Force Channels of Heart iQ


Most of us would likely give an easy ‘yes’ to the question, “Do you want to feel more joy in your life?” However, that question naturally leads to a trickier one: “Then how do you go about having more joy in your life?” Joy is most often something that feels outside of us - something that comes and goes beyond our control. It can feel like a mysterious gift that lands on your doorstep - “I feel really joyful right now, and I don’t know why,” - or remain trapped as a longing - “If only this would happen, I’d be really joyful.” Holding joy in this way isn’t wrong; however, it can prompt your mind to be continuously searching for something that’s out of your reach.

The good news is that there’s so much more to receive in your experience of joy! What’s required is a simple yet substantial upgrade to your expectation of what’s possible, and here’s where your mind might need a bit...

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What is Unconditional Love?


In Heart iQ, Unconditional Love is not defined as an emotional state separate from all other feelings, but is the accumulated combination of ALL feelings, the profound and the profane, the Light and the Dark, the sacred and the sacrilegious - it’s the all of it… just like all colors combine to form white light, all emotions, all feelings make up Unconditional Love.

We need to joyfully behold and consciously experience this beautiful contrast afforded by life as this is what creates true depth of feeling.

This is what your Heart yearns for: To Feel More & To Be More.

In order for you to experience Unconditional Love, you need to practice opening yourself up to experiencing your vast, wide and deep emotional-energetic range without judgement.


Heart iQ is not necessary for you to increase your consciousness. Life will automatically do that through the conscious and subconscious decisions you make throughout the years.

However, Heart iQ is an...

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The Essential Masculine & Feminine


In Heart iQ, we believe that you are not your body, nor your mind, but that there is an eternal aspect of you that is conscious and travels with you from lifetime to lifetime. We call this your eternal or essential masculine, and it lives in everyone, both men and women. In many spiritual and religious traditions, this aspect of you is also known as the soul.

The essential masculine in each of us yearns to know, to awaken and live and breath consciousness. Yet knowing without experience is like the sound of one hand clapping. The masculine therefore is balanced by another force - the Sacred Feminine. The feminine in each of us (man or woman) is pure life force energy in motion, it is the experience of life itself. Everything that moves, everything that is witnessed, is the feminine, and that which is witnessing it, is the masculine. When we connect with both our masculine and feminine inside of us, our consciousness and life force, our knowing and experience, we develop what,...

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The Heart iQ Activation Journey

In Heart iQ we believe that everyone is good at the core and the reason for pain and suffering in our lives and in the world is that we have forgotten who we really are.

We believe that this ‘Great Forgetting’ has created a void in our Heart and Soul that has been filled with fear and lies creating a virus of unworthiness that infuses our everyday thought, word and deed. This virus gets passed on from generation to generation as our culture continues to operate in dysfunctional, disconnected ways.



We believe that the reason this virus of unworthiness can exist and thrive is because we have separated ourselves from our divinity, our sexual-creative life force energy and of course, each other. Couples divorce, families break apart, tribes have been lost, brotherhood is broken, sisterhood is fragmented. Humanity is at war.  

This virus is not defeated by trying to get rid of it, for what you try to get rid of, will eventually get rid of you. We believe...

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