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The Heart iQ Dojo

The most comprehensive program to support you in integrating Heart iQ into your daily life & relationships.

The Heart iQ Dojo is a unique space to deepen your connection with self, develop relationship transforming intimacy skills and to experience doing your inner healing work in connection with others in community.
PLUS, we offer an optional track to practice your group facilitation skills, where you'll learn the art of attuning to group fields and how to translate emerging group dynamics for accelerated awakening and healing.
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A Language of the Heart

Heart iQ is a way to deepen your connection with yourself, your intimate relationships and the world around you, by doing your inner work with others in community and in connection. 

When we practice Heart iQ together, an amplified field is created providing an environment that is filled with profound insight, nourishing intimacy and deep healing.   

Heart iQ exists to help shape a better world for future generations to come. That's why we believe the greatest gift you can give to the world, is to become a fully healthy you.

Accelerate Your Awakening

Heart iQ helps you feel more of your full wide emotional-energetic range while simultaneously becoming more self-aware and conscious. The result, more joy no matter what's happening in your inner and outer world.

Upgrade Your Relationships

Heart iQ teaches you how to communicate from your Heart so that all of you can be expressed authentically in a way that can be received. The result? Deeper intimacy and relationships that thrive, even when there's conflict.

Communities That Thrive

Heart iQ teaches you how to do your healing work with others in community. The result? Heart iQ offers you an operating system to run intentional gatherings and communities so they stay 'emotionally hygienic' and connected.



In this masterclass, watch Heart iQ founder, Christian Pankhurst demonstrate with a real couple how the Heart iQ Method can transform your relationships.

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Transform Your Relationships

Heart iQ was founded by Christian Pankhurst in 2006. In Christian's book, Insights To Intimacy - 'Why Relationships Fail & How To Make Them Work' he shows you how to heal yourself and your family through the sacred union of conscious heart intelligent relationship. ‚Äč

Learn the skills to become Heart Intelligent today and become a healthy role model for a new generation of emotionally literate individuals.

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