Somatic Tracking - Returning to the Body

Somatic Tracking - Returning to the Body

Each year we run the Heart iQ Challenge, a 90 day online experience where people from all over the world journey together to practice and become fluent in the language of Heart iQ

This year, we thought it would be fun to share with you some of the highlights of what will be taught in the upcoming challenge, which starts March 2021.  So whether you’re new to Heart iQ or have been a part of the work for many years, keep an eye out in your inbox for an inspirational highlight (or perhaps a reminder) of the power and joy of living a Heart iQ life!

The first week of the 90 Day Challenge we introduce The Art of Tracking, more specifically, Somatic Tracking.  

One of the core benefits of Somatic Tracking is the awareness of the most subtle changes taking place in the body.  Oftentimes we’re moving too fast or have become so concerned with the outer world that we abandon our bodies and hearts.  This leaves us disconnected from the truth that is seeking to communicate with us in any given moment. 

If you were to search online for Somatic Tracking you would find multiple benefits to this practice, including its efficacy in pain relief, the regulation of the nervous system and how trauma expresses in the body mind and an overall increase in mental well-being. Within Heart iQ we leverage these benefits by honoring the body as highly intelligent and include its wisdom as part of our full spectrum connection and communication of the heart.

For more on Somatic Tracking and this core practice, take a peek at the video below:



Next week we’ll explore Integrated Awareness - the exciting exploration of multiple layers of tracked reality, including judgements, overlays, stories, shadows, and more! 

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Through the Eyes of a Student

By Shalini Tewari 


My fingers tremble as I move to click the ‘raise hand’ button on Zoom. It’s the first live call on the Heart iQ 90-day challenge and I am feeling slightly anxious to speak in front of so many people. I am comforted by the fact that I am behind a screen in my own home and this motivates me to participate and engage more than I might have in person.

My name is called. I begin with the suggested stem – ‘I’d like to check in. May I have your attention please?’ 

The protocol gives a sense of order and ease, and I use the space to take in participants’ nods of attention. 

I close my eyes in order to tune in to what is alive in my body. I’d learned that circling involves being present to everything that is moving in the present moment.

Sharing your Inner World

Tracking is the art of being aware of your inner world from several perspectives. It is a fundamental practice of Heart iQ and involves noticing everything that is in your mode of awareness – from sensations in the body to feelings around a topic or issue that is present and occupying your focus. 

It becomes an art when one also tracks the relationship to your experience – any thoughts or judgments, and even the judgments around those thoughts as well.  

I open my eyes and begin to describe my internal world. But as I take in the stares from my computer screen, I realize that I cannot sense anything – my system feels frozen. I share this openly with the group.

I notice that there is no sensation in my body – a cross between stillness and numbness.

As I share this with you, I am starting to notice some tension in my lower back and my body is shaking slightly. My hands are cold and clammy at the same time. Now I feel a little nauseous’, I express with a giggle.

As I track and share my experience of feeling nervous by describing the physical sensations I am noticing, I realize that my body is starting to open and relax. I continue by tracking my feelings and judgments around those feelings.

I feel both nervous and excited to speak, and I am aware of a judgment that I need to say something impactful or that I might say something silly.’

By this point, I feel completely relaxed and joyful. The idea that hundreds of people are listening and watching me is no longer a threat and instead I feel connected, supported and loved.

Heart iQ Fundamentals

Heart iQ is a language of the heart that was created to expand and deepen intimate human connections. 

Similar to how communication involves much more than verbal dialogue, Heart iQ integrates the full range of the human experience; combining our emotions, life force energy, sexuality, intellectuality, intuition and spiritual resources to express our deepest truth.

Muck like learning any language, there are basic structures in place, and learning how to track is an integral step in learning the Heart iQ language.

An intimate relationship with all the moving parts of our inner world includes being aware of the content of our mind, our physical body sensations, our subtle energetic body, our feelings and any intuitive sense we may have.

In being aware of all of those parts at any given moment, we can experience our entire present reality from multiple perspectives. This creates space where we are no longer encompassed by the stories and judgments, engulfed in the emotions or physical pain, or spiritually bypassing any of it. We gain a deeper understanding of our world and how we relate to it.

I was feeling resistance to the present moment of speaking in front of a group. My system froze as I began to speak and stories around not being enough and becoming excluded crept into my mind. In the past, I most likely ran and hid when confronted with this scenario.

Tracking what is moving and our relationship to what is moving increases intimacy with ourselves, as well as with others since it brings the power of truth and presence.  

When we own our judgments (about self and others), we release the tension created when our truth is suppressed. When we acknowledge pain without being overwhelmed by it, we honour our human experience and capacity to be vibrant sentient beings. While we may not be able to control how we feel, we can feel the joy of the entirety of our human experience. 

By sharing my authentic self, which included the fear moving through me, the physical sensations that arose with that fear, and the judgments around feeling fearful, I could witness all the multiple layers alive in me without attaching to any of it. And then, I could actually show up versus collapse in the story and never raise my hand – disengaging with life and falling prey to old patterns of belief and trauma.


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