Why We Need Others to Heal, Awaken and Thrive

Why We Need Others to Heal, Awaken and Thrive

One thing that makes Heart iQ different to many other modalities is that the work is done in a group, where healing is done in connection with others.

Initially, Heart iQ uses group wisdom and the amplified field to support individuals in their awakening process. As people go deeper into the work however, they realise that working on 'themselves' is just the beginning and that a far grander experience awaits them when they are willing to surrender to the collective wisdom that emerges from the group. When this happens, healing isn't just personal, but trans-personal - it becomes a collective portal for change.

Thus Heart iQ isn't just about creating healthy people, but building healthy community. 

Many of us crave to be in community yet few healthy examples of functioning communities actually exist. In this blog, we explore community, the importance of being witnessed and how healing with others can be so much faster than healing by yourself.

We are tribal organisms and being in groups is as critical today for our survival and thrival than it was for our ancestors. Yet, many of us lack the 'social intelligence' to navigate group dynamics leading to conflict and personality clashes. We tend to either merge WITH the group (becoming dependent) or we isolate ourselves, doing it alone becoming too independent. Thus, a good place to begin is the topic of interdependence, the balanced state of connection and sovereignty.  

Interdependence is a state of healthy relational dependence where we are able to maintain our sense of self, inner security and sovereignty while simultaneously allowing ourselves to express our needs to others and trusting that the needs of others are safe to receive into our reality.

This first video shares how we all need the ‘safety net’ of community to help us build the internal safety that’s needed to open our Hearts to others.


The next video expands on the notion of heart-focused community. It is a profound example and demonstration of how we could live life from the Heart. 

And the ending is just divine! 



How do you think your life would be different if you held the ‘truth’ that you are me, cleverly camouflaged as you? How would you interact differently with the people you encounter in your daily life? How would your family relationships be different if your family were to hold this idea as truth? What about your local community? How would the world be different if everyone held this simple ‘law’ as a tenant to live by?

As you’ve been learning, what’s important in Heart IQ™ is not only courageously learning to witness yourself, but also allowing yourself to be witnessed by others in all of who you are. It’s tempting to prefer isolation when you’re not feeling your best. It’s such a strong impulse to pull away from community in order to resolve your pain, fears and messiness on your own, in isolation, and continue believing the judgment that you need to be ‘put together’ and feeling good before you’re able to show up in an acceptable way with others.

Contrary to this conditioning, the truth for all of us is that we NEED to be seen in the expression of those isolated parts by others who we are loving and trusting, and who love and trust us, in order to become more of who we really are.




  • Authentic power comes from simply being real. So rather than trying to be better, stronger, smarter, more helpful, more pleasant or profound, or whatever quality you think gives you enough value to be loved - being real means being you and trusting that’s enough.

  • We need others to come into our greatest healing potential and expansion.

  • Heart iQ™ circle work is the perfect medium for helping you to rewire your nervous system - which is the only way that you’ll be able to substantially upgrade your perceptions, emotional expression, mental processing, beliefs, physical reactions and energetic boundaries. This is how you’ll learn to feel safer, more authentic and more joyful in the presence of other people. Remember, this is a practice!

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