The Secret to Heart Centered Communication

The Secret to Heart Centered Communication

 Last week we shared about our annual Heart iQ Challenge, a 90 day online experience where people from all over the world journey together to practice and become fluent in the language of Heart iQ.

We thought it would be fun to share some of the highlights of what we will be teaching in the upcoming Challenge, which starts March 2021. 

It seems we were right!  Heart iQ'ers worldwide are responding with delight about last week's email, and the opportunity to continue this mini-experience with us over the next few weeks! 

So here we go...

Last week we began our journey into the language and power of Heart iQ with the introduction (or for some, the reminder) of The Art of Tracking, more specifically, Somatic Tracking.

This week, we bring in the next layer of tracking, called Integrated Awareness.

Integrated Awareness is the combination of sharing your truth while tracking what is happening inside of you while you are sharing it. Being able to speak your truth while witnessing the impact on both yourself, another and the field is the key for effective heart centered communication, and this week's lesson in the Heart iQ Challenge teaches you how to do it.Some of things you'll be learning to track while expressing your truth are your judgments, overlays and stories related to the content of your share. You'll also learn to track your body through Somatic Tracking as well as connect to what it is that you want, given what you are feeling. 

When we can share the entirety of our experience – the content of our share, the physical sensations in the body as we share, the thoughts connected to those sensations and the content, the judgments of those thoughts, the stories behind the judgments, the overlays and possibly origins of these stories, and finally, our true heart’s longing in connection with another, we deepen intimacy beyond anything we’ve ever experienced.

This may feel complex and overwhelming when you first begin, however learning this level of artistry in your communication has the power to change everything. Clear, embodied and honest communication will bring in more self intimacy and acceptance, expand your ability to be felt, seen and heard by others, and deepen trust and safety in your relationships.  

To learn more and have a peek at what this looks like in real life, check out the video above and if you resonate, come join us for the next Heart iQ Challenge!



Through the Eyes of a Student

By Shalini Tewari


 I’m waiting for my Heart iQ practice buddy to arrive for our weekly Zoom call in order to practice this week’s lesson. We’re going to explore the theme of Integrated Awareness, which combines Somatic Tracking – the awareness of subtle changes in the body, together with the multiple layers of our minds including any judgments, stories, shadows, projections and overlays.

Once she arrives and we drop in, I begin to share my inner world. I notice a subtle energy starting to build in my face and communicate this into the space.

In your presence, I feel the edges of my cheeks starting to rise and fill with what feels like a childlike playfulness. I have an image of us as little girls playing and skipping in a field of flowers – carefree and full of joy. ‘

 I feel giddy as I share this experience and let out a hearty laugh. 

I’m also aware of tension in my shoulders and notice my mind worrying about getting this right, feeling confused by the multiple layers involved and wondering if I can really feel into the overlays and stories that come with tracking. 

There’s a judgment that I’m making up stories, stuck in the mind, disconnected from my body. There’s a longing to let all of that go and to simply share joyfully and authentically.’

It’s a fascinating journey to learn how to be in connection with everything that is moving within my body and mind, and a whole other level of relating when I can maintain this awareness whilst in connection with another.

My practice partner is much more experienced in the Heart iQ language and shares her experience fluently:

‘As you shared your world and expressed the giddiness and playfulness, I could feel myself entraining and I still have the feeling of sparkles leftover in my body. 

I notice my body come online and can feel my lower legs. There’s a presence in that space and I’m feeling grounded. 

I can feel my forearms and what feels like a happy tension in my chest – it’s not uncomfortable; it’s a sense of alertness in that area. And as soon as I say that I can feel my womb come to life! The more I share my experience, the more pleasurable it becomes,’ she expresses expertly with a laugh.

While listening to her share and by staying in connection to my own body, I realise that I can also feel the energy of her words come to life in my being. The phrase, ‘my body is coming online’ makes me giggle as I sit in front of my computer feeling parts of me awaken as I listen to another track and share their inner world via Zoom.

She goes deeper into her experience. 

‘I’m noticing my curiousity about how our practice will go. I can also track the part that hopes to do it right as you shared, and hold compassion and tenderness for that part of me.’

With these words, I feel more relaxed. Heart iQ is teaching me that have multiple parts and I can witness and hold each of my parts without being attached to any one of them – the physical sensations, the emotions, the triggers, the judgments, the judgments about those judgments, and more profoundly, the overlays and stories that come with it all.

The final ingredient for an integrated awareness tracking experience is to go beyond all the layers and reveal what is the heart’s longing.

What I’m longing for is to stay as a witness to all the parts moving within my body and mind and come deeper into connection with you and all of the parts moving in you.’

We finish by sharing our medicine – the doses of learning, impacts, gratitude, a-ha moments that the practice presented. And close the space with the Heart iQ standard closing –

I feel complete, grateful and out.’ 

‘I feel complete, joyful and out.’

I end the call and notice the lingering residue of gratitude and joy for learning how to come back into connection with myself and in doing so, deepening the intimacy with another.



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