How To Heal Trauma Through Divine Relaxation

How To Heal Trauma Through Divine Relaxation

What if you could heal emotional and psychological trauma by bringing your nervous system into a deep state of rest? 

When you get traumatised through neglect or by taking in violating energies, your body-mind stores the undigested energy and memory of the trauma as a contraction of bound energy that is felt as tension in the body.

A chronic state of tension in your nervous system creates several challenges:

  1. Others feel it and naturally avoid it. They feel a repulsion, not to the soul before them, but to the highly strung nervous system to which they don’t want to entrain. As others avoid it, the tension increases.

  2. When the nervous system is so tense, in a state of hyper stimulation, it focuses on what is not working and identifies through pain points. From this place, healing is not accessible because the system is working so hard to maintain the tension.

In the following video, Christian brings awareness to a man whose life is deeply affected by chronic tension.

Key Take-Aways:

  • For health and healing , a global level of relaxation is needed…Divine Relaxation.

  • Before healing can happen, the system must relax through the practice of consciously finding breath, peace, slowing down, presence, focusing on softening, and removing stimulations such as cell phone, computer, wifi, and sugar etc.

  • A common misconception is that the deepest rest and relaxation comes at the still point (e.g. classic meditation, holding a pose) yet when there is an external posture, there is tension. Slow and mindful movement creates relaxation. Slow & deliberate, not still & frozen. See blog on Slow Motion Movement to learn more.

  • This isn’t about fixing, it’s about revealing. As soon as you connect to your body in a field of love, emotions arise & the nervous system unwinds more and more. Eventually you’ll find yourself in a new way of being.

For an even deeper experience, watch the following video where Christian walks this man through a practice of divine relaxation. See if you can join in the practice of unwinding your own nervous system as you witness this man courageously unwinds his trauma.


Important Tips to This Practice:

  •  Do it on a regular basis. This practice creates more and more ease in the nervous system when done frequently.

  • Notice the pattern of the mind looking for things that are not working — connecting the dots around pain — rather than receiving the love surrounding us.

  • The practice is to notice we are surrounded by love and that this love is what we’re opening to. We’re connecting to the field, and it's this connection to the field that is healing.

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