Healing Generational Shame, Pain & Trauma

Healing Generational Shame, Pain & Trauma

Generational healing is the process of looking at the impact of trauma that originates from within a family system and how, if we are not fully conscious, we will continue to pass these trauma patterns on to our children, down the generational line.

In Heart iQ we learn how to digest this generational shame, guilt, resentments, and pain so that we can prevent the unconscious passing on of our pain to the next generation. Put another way: it ends with you. 

In the Heart iQ Challenge, through the art of tracking and somatic awareness you will gradually become aware of the parts and voices you carry in your bodymind that are simply not 'you'.

Perhaps you carry your mother's shame or your father's scorn and these energies become lodged deep into your nervous system. Over time, as you regulate, increase capacity and feel more safe, you will identify the energies that are no longer reflective of you and you will give back what no longer serves your highest wisest self. 

When we do this in an amplified field, the impact is multiplied and the powerful ceremony of identifying and releasing those parts will enable a healing that might never have been possible on your own.

Join us for the upcoming Heart iQ Challenge and experience Generational Healing for yourself.



Through the Eyes of a Student

By Shalini Tewari


After tracking our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and sensations in our own beings, and then incorporating this tracking in connection with another by sharing what’s alive, our triggers, shadows and judgments, there is a point of recognition where some of what we are experiencing is not only of our own creation.

Generational trauma is when unresolved trauma and shame are passed on and inherited from your mother or father, who also inherited trauma that was passed on to them – the cycle repeating for generations.

It can be feelings of disempowerment and behaviours that feel shameful, cause guilt, resentment or pain, and can’t always be understood within the context of the life of the person experiencing these feelings.

We take on this pain in our body mind between the ages of 0-7 years old when we believe everything in the world has to do with us. When our parents react angrily, are in a bad mood, sad or upset, whether it is pertaining to us or not, we believe that we are the cause of their emotions, and our core unworthiness takes root from here. 

This trauma is unintentionally passed on, and the way to heal is by consciously becoming aware of the various ranges of toxicity that don’t really belong to us, and was in fact imprinted generationally down the line.

A key element to this healing includes the art of forgiveness. From the perspective of the world we know, we make choices and take actions in the best way that we can, and therefore compassion for the behaviours or actions that might have caused harm, shame, guilt or regret is critical.

Within an amplified field, and in ceremony to identify those parts and return them back to source, we begin to heal this generational trauma that we carry. Being in a community or collective field can help release those parts and enable us go to a place that we might never have been able to go on our own.

Combining the elements of the 90-Day Challenge of tracking and practicing heart-centered communication, we develop a deeper understanding of our own world, as well as that of others, and only then can we bring compassion to all that lives inside of us.

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