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How to be More Vulnerable with Those You Love

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For many people, it’s easier to access their emotions and feel open when they’re alone.

Sharing your heart and authentically opening up to others is a necessary ingredient for intimacy and healthy relationships, but it often isn’t easy as this requires safety and vulnerability.

Due to our past experiences, we may be conditioned that it’s unsafe to be vulnerable. Maybe we got hurt or were made wrong by others for unveiling our truth. Those occurrences create our shadows and defences and greatly impact our future relationships and experiences.

Daring to be vulnerable can help you digest your fears as you’re received and witnessed by others. In today's blog, I show you how we all need safety in order to come into our hearts.





  • Vulnerability needs to be witnessed by other(s) and is a critical ingredient in both our horizontal in and horizontal out Directions of Joy.

  • Remember that you do not need to be ‘fixed.’ In fact, acting from the internal pressure to change any part of you to be different than you are can actually keep you ‘stuck.’ We need to allow ourselves to be okay just as we are, before we can change who we are.

  • If you’re ever feeling unsafe to receive from another (attention, words, touch, etc.), but you’d like to be able to receive more, ask yourself the question, “Is there anything that I need right now in order to feel more relaxed and safe?”

  • It’s scary to ask for what you want, and the truth is that you won’t always be met, seen and received in the way that you want to. The question then becomes,”What do I need in order to show up anyway?”

  • We need to surround ourselves with people in our lives who we know will support us.