What is Heart IQ

The Heart IQ Retreat Centre


Sparjeburd 2, Hemrik 8409CK



The Heart IQ Retreat Centre is a 3.5 hectare property in the beautiful countryside of Friesland in the Netherlands.

The Centre has been the home of spiritual and personal development retreats for the past 20 years, as became the home to Christian, his partner Sumir, and the Heart IQ team in January 2016. The property contains a residence and office space where the Heart IQ team has put down roots, allowing for Heart IQ Network's operations to expand as our team grows, enabling us to share this work with the world.

The Centre has accommodation for up to 70 people and has an established vegetarian and organic kitchen. The property has two beautiful retreat rooms and is surrounded by trees, providing an uncompromisingly safe and private space for our events. Nature is all around. When you stay at the center, you'll see a range of birds, deer and other animals roaming the area. In fact, birds of prey fly over the area everyday to protect it.

One of the most exciting possibilities for this property is the potential to build a school to teach children Heart Intelligence! We're super excited to re-invent education and bring families together using this powerful work.

The Centre also opens up the possibility of creating a thriving on-site community. For several weeks each year, we'll be opening up the centre for short term rentals for anyone wishing to spend a few weeks with us in this tranquil setting - perfect for a recharge and a sabbatical.

The Centre will not only host Heart IQ events, but we will also rent out the space to 3rd parties who wish to offer their own unique flavor of spiritual and personal development events to other like-minded tribes.

Additionally, future plans are to develop a wellness center, containing practitioners offering a range of healing modalities. We also intend to offer a selection of evening classes that will cover a range of exciting activities such as dance, yoga and martial arts.

The property has many special features. It has a well that offers incredibly healthy water, rich with minerals and is further purified using state of the art technology. In fact, the water on this property is considered so special, the area was considered to be a holy site where royalty of the past planned to build a castle just to get access to this life-enriching resource!

The property has plenty of land to develop a sustainable food growing initiative. We're proud of the fact that, since the previous owners moved in in 1992, the ground has NEVER had any fertilizers, chemicals or poisons applied. It's truly an organic and untouched heaven on earth!

The energy of the property is wonderful. It lies on a cross of Ley-Lines which creates a powerful amplified field - perfect for personal development and authentic heart centered work.

The property has been built with electro-sensitivity in mind. There are no high voltage towers anywhere to be seen, and the residence has copper insulated wiring and automatic electricity shut-off at night so as to increase restorative sleep.

It's a magical place, and we can't wait to share it with you!


The closest airport is Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The Retreat Centre is located approximately 1.5 hours away by car and 3 - 4 hours away by public transport.


Tinker Taxi: This is the best option to take a taxi from the airport to the Retreat Centre. You can book a ride up for up to 6 people (+/- € 200).
Book your ride in advance: https://tinker.travel/en/

Brouwer Taxi: This is another very reliable taxi from Schiphol Airport.
Tel: +31 071 36 11 000
Email: info@taxibrouwer.nl


From Amsterdam or Utrecht (about 1.5 hours): Take the highway A1 (from Amsterdam) or A27 (from Utrecht) and A6 to Almere, Lelystad. Take the highway A7 to Drachten, Groningen. Leave A7 at exit 28 to Beetsterzwaag. Go through the town of Beetsterzwaag. As soon as you leave Beetsterzwaag take a right to Hemrik. Follow this road for about 5 km and take a left, just 50 m. before the end of this road, onto the driveway of Sparjeburd.

Hiring a car

Want to have your own car for the week? This is an easy and affordable option, as you can pick up your car at Schipol airport.


We have had a good experience with Thrifty. You’ll have options from €20-€40/day.

After you've registered for an event, you'll get access to a private group on Facebook where you can connect with other participants, coordinate your travel plans and plan to share rides with others attendees.


The local train station is Heerenveen, about 25 minutes by car and about 1 hour by public transport from the Centre. There are two trains each hour from Schiphol to Heerenveen.

To verify the train schedule go to: http://www.ns.nl/reisplanner/#/

To plan your trip by public transport got to: https://9292.nl/en

There is a train that leaves at 3 minutes past the hour that is INDIRECT heading towards Groningen. You will have to change trains in Zwolle. If you want to take this train, you need to buy a ticket from one of the yellow ticket machines and then go to platform 1-2.

There is also a train that leaves at 33 minutes past the hour that is DIRECT heading towards Leeuwarden. If you want to take this train, you need to buy a ticket from one of the yellow ticket machines and then go to platform 1-2.

From the train station in Heerenveen, you’ll still need to take a taxi or public transport to get to the Retreat Centre. A taxi ride is approximately €55. Don’t wait until you arrived in Heerenveen to book your ride!

There is a local taxi service who is available for your final leg of transport from the Heerenveen Train Station to the Centre:

Taxi Koopmans


Tel: +31 051 64 615 58 / + 31 051 32 410 00

If you come by train, make sure you have enough time for your travel (train + taxi) so you arrive on time to the Retreat Centre!

Train Station Heerenveen to the Retreat Center by public transport:

Step 1

From Heerenveen station take a bus Qliner 320 or Bus 324 to Transferium Oost, Drachten.

You will be able to buy your ticket from the driver. The fare costs 5 EUR.

Step 2

From bus station Transferium Oost, Drachten to Retreat Centre with Opstapper 460

This is a taxi-bus and it needs to be ordered min 1 hour in advance by calling 0800 280 2803. It runs once every hour. When calling make sure you inform the operator you are waiting at the Transferium Oost in Drachten and you need to go directly to the Retreat Centre, and give the address: Sparjeburd 2, 8409 CK Hemrik. The fare costs 7.50 EUR.

If it turns out you need to wait a bit for the driver, there is a hotel with a restaurant at the Transferium Oost bus station.

Whether you’re travelling by car or public transport, allow a generous amount of time for your trip. We do not allow late arrivals; we want everyone to be fully present and begin at the same time. Our programs begin with making agreements that create a safe container. Late arrivals disrupt this process and create unnecessary unrest in the group. 

Thank you for your understanding!  Your questions regarding transportation to the Retreat Centre may be directed to events@heartiq.com.