Present Moment Tracking - The Key to Connection

Present Moment Tracking - The Key to Connection

The Heart iQ Challenge is a 90 day online experience where people from around the world gather to practice the language of Heart iQ in a rich and experiential field.  Even the most seasoned of Heart iQ’ers have taken the Challenge, and their responses have confirmed our own….this training is our best yet!  To say we’re excited about the impact of this experience would be understatement, so we’re delighted to share some of the highlights of the Challenge with you in this 12 week special preview. 

Welcome to Week 3 of the Heart iQ 90 Day Challenge! 

Last week we introduced a new layer of tracking, called Integrated Awareness.  Integrated Awareness is the combination of sharing your truth while tracking what is happening inside of you as you share that truth.  Oftentimes our truth includes judgments, overlays and stories, as well as physical sensations. This can feel overwhelming at first, however when we learn to share the entirety of our experience, we greatly deepen our connection with self and others. 

This week we present an even more intimate layer of tracking called, Present Moment Tracking. 

Present Moment Tracking is the combination of Somatic Tracking and Integrated Awareness, however now we are bringing our tracking to the present moment, sharing what comes alive in the presence of another. This level of tracking can feel very intimate, as you are experiencing the focused attention of another, while also sharing what comes alive within you as you take in this attention. Present Moment tracking connects you to self, other and the field between you. It is the exciting exploration of tracking the field and the emergent connection between you and another in the present moment.  It is an opportunity to live life fully in the moment. 

To learn more and have a peek at what this looks like in real life, check out the video and if you resonate, come join us for the next Heart iQ Challenge!



Through the Eyes of a Student

By Shalini Tewari


A group of us from the Heart iQ 90-Day Challenge have gathered online to practice the technique called Present Moment Tracking.

We have learned that circle practice is quite different from meeting one-to-one with our practice buddy as there are laws of energetic group dynamics that play out. These laws play out in any relationship that involves an intimate emotional connection, but is enhanced in groups because an ‘amplified field’ is created through multiple nervous systems running in connection with one other.

Present Moment Tracking combines somatic tracking of the body, along with the integrated awareness of any feelings, judgments, reflections, and all that is moving in you as you share. The additional component is that the content in Present Moment Tracking is specific to what is moving in you by being in connection with and receiving attention from another.

We tune in to the space by taking a few deep breaths together. Once we open our eyes, we take each other in silently. 

I’d like to share. May I have your attention please?’  The practice encourages that we take turns by going ‘popcorn style’, which means that we choose to share only when we feel fully moved to do so.

The space holders nod or say ‘yes’ and give the space taker their full attention. This is how the field becomes amplified – as each member of the group gives their undivided attention to the person sharing, they can really feel that focus of attention in their nervous system.

The one taking space takes a few seconds to breathe each one of us in and then takes a moment to notice and then track what is alive and moving as she receives our attention.

I can feel my solar plexus tighten and my palms are sweating. I feel very jittery and ungrounded.

 As I look at each one of your faces individually, I notice a slight calmness come over my body and a warm sensation in my heart space. I feel nervous, but I also have a feeling of safety and love as I share.’

The practice really allows you to notice how you receive the attention of others, especially when we are given their full presence and attention. This alone is an intense source of nourishment and healing.

I notice that I really want to close my eyes and go within. There’s a sense that I am losing connection with myself, as I stay connected to you. I’m also noticing a judgment that I have to be careful about going into a story and only track what’s alive in this moment.

I can feel my body relax a bit as I speak those words. My solar plexus has released and my palms are no longer sweating. I feel more grounded.’

This practice involves speaking our present moment reality. So when we ask for attention, we have no idea what’s going to be spoken. There could be a-ha moments, pop ups, memories that come up. We are aware that as we bring our most heart connected selves to the practice and speak to what is alive in this moment, there is no getting it wrong.

Thank you for listening. I feel complete’.

The space is now open for those listening to share any generous and spontaneous responses from this share.

When you described the warm sensation in your heart, I noticed myself relax more into the space and a smile came across my face.’

‘When you shared your experience of feeling jittery and that your solar plexus was tight, I realised that I was holding my breath and not fully present with you.’

‘I could really resonate with wanting to close my eyes and go within, and when you spoke this, I noticed how my longing to stay in connection with you increased.’

After a few more responses, we reset the space and wait for the next kernel to pop…


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