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What Is The Heart IQ Network?

The Heart IQ™ Network is a socially-conscious organization founded by Christian Pankhurst and led by an incredible team of Heart Intelligent individuals, along with the support of a Review Council that assists the organization in maintaining the highest standards of excellence and integrity.

Here at the Heart IQ™ Network, we have a big vision:

We want to create a heart intelligent world where Heart IQ™ is infused into every business, school, relationship and individual.

The Heart IQ™ Network is an organization that focuses on creating ethical and social change in the world. We accomplish our mission by creating and delivering high-quality training events, online programs and services that operate in partnership with a non-profit Heart IQ™ Foundation which supports our community, and in the near future, projects that bring Heart IQ™ into hard-to-reach areas around the world.

Although financial growth is an important part of our sustainable strategy to impact the world, it’s not the primary objective for us. We don’t do this for the money. For us, profit is a means to a bigger end, which is to ultimately create Heart IQ™ eco-communities that function off-the-grid in a resource-based economy.

To manifest this vision, the Heart IQ™ Network provides an integrated solution to address one of the biggest problems facing the world today: Disconnection. It’s our disconnected state with ourselves, nature and each other that leads to the state of dysfunction in our world today. An even bigger challenge is that many people are disconnected from their own disconnection, which makes it easier to be complacent with the fragmented state of the world. From this detached place, it’s more common for people to dismiss the importance and necessity of this work because they can’t feel the inner disturbance that would normally cause them to take some kind of action in response to what’s going on around them. In addition to feeling numb, people can often feel that they’ve already tried so many things to improve their lives, or feel that they’ve reached a level of okayness that is ‘acceptable enough’ to quell the urgency for further change. It’s a special tribe of people who want to live their lives from the curious inquiry of wondering what else is possible - not from a place of making things wrong for the way they are, but simply from a sense of knowing that there’s more to be experienced.

The Heart IQ™ Network is focused on delivering its services to key groups of people who are searching for sustainable means of improvement that will transform their own as well as the lives of others into a healthier and more vital experience of life.

Those we wish to serve are:

  1. Individual adults & couples who are fully aware that their lives, relationships, and the world around them could be functioning better. They are people who have chosen to make their personal development a priority and are ready to awaken to a new level of potential in themselves while inspiring others to reach toward a brighter reality as well.

  2. Coaches, healers, therapists and teachers who are looking for a more Heart Centered and holistic approach to their professional work. They are people who want to learn how to leverage a deeper understanding of group dynamics and the amplified field as intentional resources in their work.

  3. Parents who want to offer their children a new way of thriving in the world. Children are a key part of the Heart IQ™ Network’s mission given that the children of today will be the leaders of tomorrow. Heart IQ™ is best developed at an early age since it’s naturally present in children before they’re shown by society how to suppress and redirect these natural skills. The Heart IQ™ Network has plans to develop a new template for education, which includes building Heart IQ™ Schools where children and their parents can benefit from this unique method of self-discovery.

  4. Businesses who wish to be financially successful and make a socially-conscious impact by running a Heart Intelligent enterprise. We can provide customized solutions for everything from product creation and team management to heart intelligent customer service protocols.

What Does The Heart IQ™ Network Do?

The Heart IQ™ Network delivers programs, events and services in the following categories:

Heart IQ™ Awakening is the area of our organization that focuses purely on your personal Heart IQ™ education. This is where you’ll find the training you need to embody more Heart Intelligence in your own life. We offer a variety of courses, events and services, each designed to deliver a fundamentally transformative experience. Our offerings include online home study programs, single-day intensives, multi-day retreats and small group coaching. If you are new to Heart IQ™ and want a place to start, click here.

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The Heart IQ™ Academy is our professional training arm where you can learn the art of coaching and facilitation using the Heart IQ™ Method. We offer a range of programs that cater to everyone. Whether you’re a veteran or newcomer, we have a package that’s a match for what you need. Do you want to be certified at the highest level and work in our organization delivering our courses? Or perhaps you have your own brand, message and vision and want to integrate this powerful work into what you offer? Either way, the Heart IQ™ Academy can take you where you want to go, both personally and professionally.

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Heart IQ™ Relationships is where you'll discover trainings and live events that focus on building Heart Centered relationships. Whether you’re ready to grow as a couple, or on your own, or even as a parent, you’ll find what you need to create the intimacy you’ve been craving. Topics covered include conflict resolution, intimacy building, sexual awakening and heart-centered communication. This work not only helps you to attract the perfect partner for you, but has shown repeatedly to be an essential ingredient in healing broken relationships, reigniting passion and connection, and bringing families closer together.

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The Heart IQ™ Community is a tribe of Heart IQ™ inspired people. Currently, our community is thriving mostly in virtual form, meeting regularly on live connection calls. However, once a year, our global community meets in-person for our annual Heart Summit, which delivers an amazing, healing-workshop extravaganza for the heart, mind and soul. Additionally, we have a strong Academy Graduate Community consisting of graduates from our professional training programs. Our Academy Graduates are part of a grassroots movement to create localized Heart IQ™ Communities where they live, offering Heart IQ™ Experience DaysPractice Circles and CoachingFind community members and events near you here. Finally, the Heart IQ™ Community’s mission is to create retreat centres, housing and sustainable eco-villages to offer our community members an opportunity to be fully immersed in a heart intelligent, community-based environment.

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The Heart IQ™ School is dedicated to creating: 1) A new education system for our children, 2) A professional training program for teachers, and 3) A program that helps parents to support the family’s Heart IQ™ growth at home. Children are our future leaders and their exposure to a healthy Heart Intelligent environment is essential for them to grow into connected, creative and resourceful leaders. The Heart IQ™ School vision is based upon an integrated environment. Integration takes place when the parents are actively using Heart IQ™ in their personal lives as well as their relationship. Children benefit even further when parents are intrinsically involved in their education to help ensure consistency between school life and home. Given that community also plays an important influence in a child’s upbringing, the larger Heart IQ™ Community will hold an important role in supporting the child’s development. More information about the Heart IQ™ School will be available on the Heart IQ™ News Blog.

As long as profits remain the top priority, businesses can never fully operate from a position of serving the customer’s best interest. We believe that the marketplace of today is in serious need of companies who operate with Heart. When Heart Intelligence is missing in business, the risk becomes greater that a deteriorated quality of life will result from the long-term consequences of profit-first thinking. The scope of this concern extends to the business itself, its products, the consumers it serves, and even to the health of our planet. As a result, it’s become vital for companies today to embrace new ways of doing business that operate from a place of caring more deeply about the impact they make in people’s lives. Our Heart IQ™ Business services and products help both new and established businesses to upgrade their operating systems so that their policies, services and strategies are better aligned with a heart-centered ethos that produces a higher overall level of integrity. More information can be found on the Heart IQ™ News Blog.

The Heart IQ™ Foundation is our non-profit outreach. Its mission is to support individuals who are struggling financially through a scholarship fund. Future funding efforts will focus on bringing Heart IQ™ to communities that would never, under normal circumstances, be able to learn and engage in the Heart IQ™ vision and mission. More information about the work of the Foundation will be available on the Heart IQ™ News Blog.

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