How To Become a Worldclass Embodied Speaker

How To Become a Worldclass Speaker

What does it take to become an embodied speaker?  In the entertaining video below, Christian tells us about his personal journey toward embodied speaking and how his courage and commitment paid off in a big way.  



Christian’s story illustrates the vital elements of becoming an embodied speaker: courage, commitment, and PRACTICE.

In this next case study, we journey with Melanie as she meets her worst fear — an unresponsive audience — then takes her own journey, one tweak at a time, toward the key ingredients for her own embodied, powerful communication.



Key Take-Aways:

  • Coaching from Christian helped Melanie access her personal presence and worth through her posture, and she was given the assignment to regularly practice Radiating, Receiving, and Feeling Her Value.

  • Christian reminds us that we don’t need to DO anything to be worthy, we only need to DECIDE to be in our fullness, unapologetic for our power and our being. Body language, presence, bright eyes, smiling, and love all express this. Connecting to our value and worth is the most important thing for embodied speaking.

  • Melanie learned that Dynamic Tension — bodily relaxation combined with an aliveness and brightness in her face and gestures — created impact and immediate, positive feedback from her audience.

  • She learned the important general rule of keeping her hands above her waistline. Although it felt a bit uncomfortable at first, she soon found that her hands naturally followed her spoken word, which was interesting for her audience and kept them engaged.

  • Once Melanie incorporated these important pieces, she naturally and effortlessly created a message from the personal story she shared, and Christian reminds us that no one can tell your story better than you. You don’t need heady concepts, but rather physicality techniques and connection with your own power and worth.

Are you ready to take your presentation, speaking and embodiment to a whole new level?

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