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The Heart iQ Activation Journey

In Heart iQ we believe that everyone is good at the core and the reason for pain and suffering in our lives and in the world is that we have forgotten who we really are.

We believe that this ‘Great Forgetting’ has created a void in our Heart and Soul that has been filled with fear and lies creating a virus of unworthiness that infuses our everyday thought, word and deed. This virus gets passed on from generation to generation as our culture continues to operate in dysfunctional, disconnected ways.



We believe that the reason this virus of unworthiness can exist and thrive is because we have separated ourselves from our divinity, our sexual-creative life force energy and of course, each other. Couples divorce, families break apart, tribes have been lost, brotherhood is broken, sisterhood is fragmented. Humanity is at war.  

This virus is not defeated by trying to get rid of it, for what you try to get rid of, will eventually get rid of you. We believe that working only on the block, on your wounding or on what’s not working - only gives more energy to this epidemic. Something else is needed.



Instead, in Heart iQ we seek to remind you of who you really are by activating and re-connecting vital life-force channels that have been closed through conditioning, trauma and collective amnesia. The result?

A fully self-realized you that is in love with life and effortlessly impacts the world with pure beingness and inspired action.  


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