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Why Anger is Essential for Happiness

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Anger is a controversial emotion that many people say is unhealthy, negative or harmful. In Heart IQ™, we believe that anger is not only extremely healthy when channeled through the heart, but is, in fact, essential for your happiness!

How can this be?


First, we need to dissect the commonly held myth in the personal development world that negative emotions exists. What many call “negative” is really just a judgment of an energy that is either misunderstood or channeled in an unhealthy way. For example, the energy of anger when expressed through a closed heart (meaning that it is not connected to your value and goodness) can be hurtful, poisonous, and damaging to all concerned. It can cause you to lash out and become passive aggressive or manipulative.

Therefore, if anger (or any emotion) is creating undesirable feelings, behaviours, and results in your life, it’s a clear message that there is a part of you in judgment and in conflict with itself, and thus your heart is partially closed. This is important for you to be aware of, because awareness of your closure is necessary for you to open your heart again. When you channel any quality, any raw emotion, through the awareness and goodness of your heart (when you’re connected to your value and goodness), the result is always beneficial.

  • What are the benefits of feeling anger through our hearts?
  • Why is it required for our happiness?
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When we do the work to embrace our anger - which is our power and the core inner fire that burns in each of us - then our anger now becomes the foundation to our aliveness, sexuality, and healthy boundaries with others.

We’ve been taught that connecting intensely with our ‘negative’ emotions is unhealthy, overly dramatic, counterproductive, and downright dangerous in terms of what we might unwillingly attract. It’s a myth. An emotion is simply an energy that flows through you, and every emotion is a gift. The more you are able to experience your emotions and let them freely flow through you, the more enjoyable each emotion becomes.

It’s not inherently better to feel happiness than it is to feel anger. Happiness just feels better. We have judgments that certain emotions are poisonous, but they’re really not. Anger, for example, is one of our most powerful tools for creating change in our lives. We can use the raw, honest juice of anger to manifest magnificent things!

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Watch Christian Coach on This Topic

In this video, you’ll see Christian coach a woman from a place of disconnection from her rage into a bright, juicy state where she feels more alive and connected to her own internal fire and boundaries.

For anger to be healthy, you first need to be in deep connection with your own intrinsic essence; you need to have a genuine love of self. When you can start loving what is, your entire world will start to transform. During the Heart iQ Challenge, Christian will teach you how to feel more connected with your intrinsic essence and come into more self love and acceptance.

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When anger is expressed from that kind of wholeness, it’s simply a tool to help you maintain healthy boundaries. Weak boundaries are one of the direct consequences of identifying strongly with your feelings of ‘core unworthiness’, and people who do not know how to uphold healthy boundaries usually have an unbalanced relationship with anger.

For many of us, the word “no” is greatly under-utilised. We need to have a generous amount of “no” in our lives to make room for the “yesses” - the things we do want. Being able to say no is an example of having appropriate self-love. When we go year after year without that level of self-love, and we don’t know how to say no, we inevitably have our boundaries crossed again and again, until our repressed “no” is finally expressed as rage, aggression, and sometimes violence - which are all dangerous and destructive forces.  

In some cases, this repression goes buried beneath our consciousness and is expressed as passive aggressiveness. When we learn to make that critical connection with our deepest essence and begin loving ourselves, our anger becomes a completely different thing. We may not even recognise it as anger. Suddenly, what we once expressed as anger is just fire, passion. It’s self-assuredness and confidence. It becomes the energy of our clear “no.” It can still be powerful and intense, but it comes with a heart connection that feels self-empowering and empowering to others too. That doesn’t mean our anger won’t still potentially trigger those around us and may even collapse those who are not in touch with their own anger. But if that does happen, we’ll have the clarity and compassion to deal with it appropriately.

To learn more about how core unworthiness gets created and how to come into more wholeness and connection with your intrinsic goodness, register for the Heart iQ Challenge. In this environment, spend time with Christian as he debunks the most common personal growth myths, explains why resistance comes up as we approach our joy, and teaches you how to receive more of what you want while living a more heart connected life.

To connect with our inner vitality, aliveness and fuel, we have to examine our relationship with anger. If you’ve made anger wrong, either in yourself or in others, you’ll be repressing this natural, creative, life force energy and the emotion will have nowhere to go but to come out in unhealthy, funky and potentially destructive ways. Heart IQ™ helps us accept all of our emotions as the pure, raw, beautiful fuel they’re meant to be.