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When You Can Lead A Circle, You Can Lead Your Life

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After spending ten years facilitating Heart Intelligence to thousands of people around the world, one of my favorite realizations is what I call the ‘Medicine Concept.’ 

In a single sentence, the ‘Medicine Concept’ is best described as: “You are me, cleverly camouflaged as You.” 

It’s one thing to read in a book or a fortune cookie, that ‘we are all one’, but to embody and FEEL this is an altogether different experience.

In this, the third video of the Leadership and Freedom series, I share in detail how this Medicine Concept works. 

And, not only will you get to ‘hear’ about it, I’m actually going to show you some examples of it in action via real life case studies and demos. 

As a trainer of coaches and facilitators, I’ve seen over the years, time and time again, that the real transformation occurs in groups, specifically circles where an Amplified Field is created. 

Creating such a field is no easy task as it requires a facilitator to bring harmony and resonance to what is often a chaotic collection of non-synchronised energies. 

In addition, a facilitator needs to actually ENTRAIN a deep level of safety that can not be artificially created through nice words or inauthentic actions. The facilitator literally has to BE Heart Intelligent in order to lead others to theirs. 

Why is this so important to your leadership and freedom? 

Because Circle is your life. And everyone in it, is an aspect of YOU. When you can lead a circle, you can lead your life. When you can lead others to resonance you can lead yourself to resonance. 

When you can open another to joy and freedom, you automatically give that gift to yourself. You are literally ‘taking in the medicine’. 

Learning the art of group Heart Intelligent facilitation is the quickest and most direct way to quantum leap your personal and professional development. 

And don’t take my word for it. Watch this video and see for yourself how the power of the Amplified Field can transform your world…