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What is Unconditional Love?

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In Heart iQ, Unconditional Love is not defined as an emotional state separate from all other feelings, but is the accumulated combination of ALL feelings, the profound and the profane, the Light and the Dark, the sacred and the sacrilegious - it’s the all of it… just like all colors combine to form white light, all emotions, all feelings make up Unconditional Love.

We need to joyfully behold and consciously experience this beautiful contrast afforded by life as this is what creates true depth of feeling.

This is what your Heart yearns for: To Feel More & To Be More.

In order for you to experience Unconditional Love, you need to practice opening yourself up to experiencing your vast, wide and deep emotional-energetic range without judgement.


Heart iQ is not necessary for you to increase your consciousness. Life will automatically do that through the conscious and subconscious decisions you make throughout the years.

However, Heart iQ is an accelerating agent that simplifies and speeds up the process of your awakening so you get a direct wormhole short cut to remembering who you really are.

In a relationship, if either partner is limited in their ability to express some part of their range, they will also be limited in their ability to experience the other from unconditional love. Why? Because your ability to open and love another is intimately linked to the quality of your relationship with yourself. The good news is that when you expand your emotional range, you also expand your capacity to love unconditionally. The more you can allow all of you to be seen, heard and felt, the more your heart can safely open.

Loving you means loving all the parts of you - your light and dark parts; your good, bad and ugly parts; and the parts you deem unlovable and unacceptable. Embracing our ‘all’ isn’t easy to do given how conditioned we are to judge these parts as being ‘negative’, ‘wrong’ and not safe to expose.

In the next video, Christian busts the myth of ‘negative emotions’ and addresses a key Heart IQ™ concept called divine embodiment.





  • ALL EMOTION IS INTRINSICALLY ENJOYABLE. It’s your resistance to feeling it that makes it painful. You’ll know that you’re judging your emotions when it doesn’t feel enjoyable to let them move. When that happens, pay attention to your thoughts and notice what belief you’re still holding on to that’s telling you what you’re feeling in not okay.

  • The emotional-energetic range is not selective. This means that as you deny one part of the range, you desensitize yourself to the whole range, which produces a ‘flat’ effect. In order for your light to shine brighter, you need to own your darkness. If you want to expand your brilliance, you need to love and celebrate the parts of you that are stupid, silly and useless at times. If you want more passion in your life, you must embrace your anger as a healthy part of you.

  • Divine Embodiment is the process of integrating your highest spiritual essence with your humanity, living out your deepest truth in a practical and grounded way.