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What is Heart iQ?

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Heart iQ is a technology that allows you to communicate in an embodied and conscious way that increases trust, intimacy and connection with yourself, others and the world.

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But what exactly is Heart iQ?

It's an orgasmic practice for cultivating radical self-love and intimacy - without digging up your past and delving into your endless pain body.

How does it work?

By cultivating a perfect balance between the masculine and feminine energies inside of you through opening your Heart in 4 key areas:

  • Learn to open to your Divine Masculine Consciousness & your changeless Witness.

  • Learn to open to your potent Feminine Life Force Energy & the emotional fuel stored in your body.

  • Learn to open your Heart to others and feel worthy of receiving love and attention.

  • Learn to open your Heart to life by expressing your deepest truth and following your inner most guidance.

Do these things and the virus of unworthiness burns out of your system.

But you can't do it alone.

Others were part of the wounding that created an environment for the virus of unworthiness to infect your mind and a now a healthy environment is needed to burn it out of your cells, reset your nervous system and to activate a new way of being in the world.

So that's what Heart iQ does...

It creates an environment that is poisonous to unworthiness and a magnet to your goodness. It's a community & collective communication practice that will open you wide and help you feel the depth of your heart and soul, ultimately freeing you to feel home again, in yourself, connected to your worth, value and self acceptance.

If you want to learn more about this process, watch the video then join us for the Heart iQ Challenge.