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The Big Vision of Heart iQ

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Here at Heart iQ, our vision is of a unified humanity…

… Where men and women remember who they really are and live as embodied love, an extension of the divine, connected to the earth and inter-dependent with everyone and everything around them. 

In this dream, those of us who hear the call to unify, begin to gather in tribes, re-igniting forgotten memories of how it can be, dissolving barriers and the illusions that separate us. 

Those who choose to get activated and initiated on the Heart iQ Journey receive an upgrade to their nervous system whereby, not only are they able to operate in life more independently with power and self-love, but also have the capacity to merge and harmoniously sync up with other entrained, resonant Hearts in a unified amplified field. Through the profound effect of emergence, an intelligence is born out of the collective hive that is greater than the sum of it’s individual parts, enabling a force potent enough to change the world for the better.

We believe that the world is as it is because of our collective unconscious thought, word and deed and that individuals aren’t evolved enough on their own to effect individually what we have created collectively. However, through the Heart iQ Activation Journey, individuals can serve to create a better world, not through the channel of their own independent actions, but as a part of a co-creative collective network dedicated to restoring the goodness of mankind and bringing back our lost paradise. 

From this emergent unified consciousness, we will individually and collectively make more and more choices that reflect the inter-connectedness of all things and all people. Borders and walls will disappear, conscious leaders will be elected and the world’s people will see themselves as part of a single and diverse human family, recognising that our survival and thrival depends on ending division and embracing unity.

When our collective consciousness reaches a tipping point, war will come to end, as there simply will be no reason to attack ourselves and continue the auto-immune disease that has been inflicted on each other and the planet for millennia. 

As we continue to unify and embody the truth that we are all one, there will come a time when our consciousness and our advanced technology will come together offering us an exciting opportunity to experience an upgrade to our society the likes of which we have never seen before.

We hold true that technology is a sacred resource, and that we can partner with it and the Earth’s bounty to co-create a harmonious environment that is nourishing and sustaining for every living being. 

We believe it will one day be possible to extend life indefinitely in this human form. Interstellar travel and colonisation on other habitable worlds will be normal. Contact and information exchange with other advanced civilisations will accelerate our spiritual and scientific understanding. Automation and Artificial Intelligence will elevate ALL of humanity to an unprecedented level of prosperity and abundance, allowing everyone to pursue their deepest truth and follow their joy. 

This sublime synergy of spirituality and science, technology and consciousness will help to create a world free of lack, ending poverty, hunger and the abuse of Mother Earth.

This is the reason why Heart iQ exists. To remind you of who you really are and to slap your soul to remember the illusion of separation. Heart iQ provides a clear practice to experience what it feels like to live as one, not as a concept but as an actual living breathing day to day reality. 

It's a big vision, and even though the odds may be against us, shall we at least not try? Because either way, can you think of a better way to live?

So the question now is, do you choose to join us in creating a humanity free from separation, shame and unworthiness? Will you help us turn this dream into a reality? Are you ready to gather in community and in tribe, to open your Heart, heal the division between men and women, nature and God, and to live as one?



Christian Pankhurst

Founder of Heart iQ