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The Great Polarities of Life

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The Heart iQ Activation Journey begins by connecting the two primary life-force channels. We call these channels “The Great Polarities of Life”.


Polarity is based on contrast, the bigger the potential difference between light and dark, the greater the force of energy that is ‘pumped’ through your energetic-emotional system. In Heart iQ we practice clearing, opening, widening, deepening these channels.


The Great Vertical Polarity - This is the polarity created between the contrast of the Essential Masculine and Sacred Feminine within ourselves - it is the sacred union of the Divine Father and Great Mother.


The Divine Father

The Divine Father is your connection to the sky, to the heavens, to the realm of the absolute, to pure love and light, to consciousness, wisdom and pure clarity and knowing. This source of energy comes from above, down through the crown into the mind and to the Heart. It is the Divine Essential Masculine.

The Great Mother

The Great Mother is your connection to the earth, to mother nature, to the land, to the great cosmic womb - to the ancient forgotten history of the world, to the sacred dark. The source of this love-light comes up from the ground, through your feet into the base of your body and up into the Heart. It is the pure creative sexual energy and life force that manifests all. It is the Sacred Wild Feminine.

The circuit between Heaven and Earth, between the Essential Masculine and Sacred Feminine, the Divine Father and Mother creates a channel of potential energy to flow through the body vertically.


The Great Horizontal Polarity - This is the polarity created between the contrast of the Essential Masculine and Sacred Feminine with yourself and others. It is the sacred union between men and women.

When someone occupies the masculine pole they are in witness to what moves in another, holding a space of unconditional love, support, acceptance and protection. This witnessing energy, infused with stillness is in direct polarity to that which is being witnessed, which is everything else - the sacred feminine: All that moves, all that is, is the feminine. This contrast between movement and stillness, giving and receiving, observing and being observed, conscious witness and life force expression - is the Great Horizontal Polarity.