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The Essential Masculine & Feminine

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In Heart iQ, we believe that you are not your body, nor your mind, but that there is an eternal aspect of you that is conscious and travels with you from lifetime to lifetime. We call this your eternal or essential masculine, and it lives in everyone, both men and women. In many spiritual and religious traditions, this aspect of you is also known as the soul.

The essential masculine in each of us yearns to know, to awaken and live and breath consciousness. Yet knowing without experience is like the sound of one hand clapping. The masculine therefore is balanced by another force - the Sacred Feminine. The feminine in each of us (man or woman) is pure life force energy in motion, it is the experience of life itself. Everything that moves, everything that is witnessed, is the feminine, and that which is witnessing it, is the masculine. When we connect with both our masculine and feminine inside of us, our consciousness and life force, our knowing and experience, we develop what, in Heart iQ, we call Embodied Awareness. This feeling of unity consciousness while deeply feeling ourselves and everything and everyone around us is what we activate when Heart iQ is practiced with others in an Amplified Field.