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The 4 Life Force Channels of Heart iQ

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Most of us would likely give an easy ‘yes’ to the question, “Do you want to feel more joy in your life?” However, that question naturally leads to a trickier one: “Then how do you go about having more joy in your life?” Joy is most often something that feels outside of us - something that comes and goes beyond our control. It can feel like a mysterious gift that lands on your doorstep - “I feel really joyful right now, and I don’t know why,” - or remain trapped as a longing - “If only this would happen, I’d be really joyful.” Holding joy in this way isn’t wrong; however, it can prompt your mind to be continuously searching for something that’s out of your reach.

The good news is that there’s so much more to receive in your experience of joy! What’s required is a simple yet substantial upgrade to your expectation of what’s possible, and here’s where your mind might need a bit of re-educating. Let’s start by defining what joy is, which is important if we want to understand how to get more of it. Joy is the pure and simple delight in being alive. So feeling more joy means being able to access more delight in relationship to your aliveness. Rather than needing to get or have more of something, joy is accessed through you opening to it – opening your heart to feel more of the life inside you and connect more with the life around you. Opening to joy is an ongoing practice that we can access through what Heart IQ™ calls The Four Life Force Channels.

Watch this video to learn more about how the experience of these four distinct directions can produce life-changing results.


The Four Life Force Channels


  •      Vertical Up
  •      Vertical Down
  •      Horizontal In
  •      Horizontal Out


VERTICAL UP is the direction that represents your connection with a higher power, whether you refer to that connection as ‘God,’ ‘Spirit,’ ‘Source,’ or simply your higher-self or intuition. It’s the connection that gives you access to greater clarity, insight, and guidance. When this vertical connection is strong, your sense of safety is magnified. It’s a feeling that no matter what’s going on in your life, you can trust that you’re being taken care of.     

VERTICAL DOWN is the direction that moves your attention into your body. It involves the practice of dropping in with yourself and feeling the truth of who you are at your core. Heart IQ™ refers to this process as ‘embodiment’. This is a practice of being present and open in relationship to your physical body, your emotional body, and your energetic body and allowing the information from all these levels of your intelligence to express through your awareness, words and actions.                                      

Both the ‘Vertical Up’ and ‘Vertical Down’ Directions of Joy give you access to feeling your authentic emotions. Without the upward connection, you’re at risk of not recognizing and connecting to your own truth. Without the downward connection, you’re at risk of not feeling and expressing your own truth. The unexpressed energy of your truth gets stored as ‘bound energy,’ which can be felt as tension, fatigue, numbness, frustration, and depression on the physical, emotional and energetic levels of your being. Since you can’t easily access this energy in it’s held state, its rigidity can create emotional repression, energetic closure, and physical pain and inflammation.          

Embodiment is so important, because without it, you are disconnected from your fuel. Without a healthy connection to your fuel, you’ll feel flat, devoid of passion and vitality, conflicted and confused, which eventually breaks you down, leaving you feeling empty and dissatisfied. From this place of disengagement, you’re more likely to develop unhealthy attachments to fear, worry, anxiety, obsessing and second-guessing yourself.

Becoming more embodied is how you release your ‘bound energy’. Only when you dare to let yourself feel more, can you begin to turn your tension into unbound, usable ‘free energy’. In Heart IQ™, this unbound energy is called ‘juice’. Juice is the magnetic force behind your charisma and leadership qualities. It fuels the polarity you express in your relationships, and ignites the fire you use to manifest what you want. It’s a powerfully attractive force that is only activated through the practice of embodiment.                                         

Balancing these two vertical directions of joy is paramount to living a juicy, passionate existence. However, it’s common to move too far in one direction or the other. Those who are more upwardly inclined without having a balancing body connection are at risk for losing access to the richness of their authentic human experience. Those who are more downwardly inclined without having a balancing higher-sourced intuitive connection are at risk for losing access to the richness of their full emotional range, which leaves them feeling unsupported and painfully susceptible to the ever-present disappointments of life. Heart Intelligence is the practice of ‘expanding your range’ so you can connect upward instantly and solidly while also dropping in to your human self to such an extent that you can fearlessly embrace every emotion to its fullest. This integration is a daily practice.

HORIZONTAL OUT is the direction that allows you to share your most authentic and complete truth with others. This Direction of Joy invites you to show your unmasked self to others by courageously expressing your inner reality, allowing others to witness you in your authentic expression. The realness of your expression is reflected when your inner reality and outer expression are congruent. This is the practice of you being you and allowing yourself to be seen wherever you are.

HORIZONTAL IN is the direction that represents your ability to receive from those around you. Surprisingly, it’s one of the most difficult to master since so many of us are conditioned to habitually push away attention, compliments, and admiration. Can you let love in when it’s offered? Can you allow yourself to be moved by another’s sharing and touched by another’s words or deeds? Can you translate and apply meaningful life lessons to your own experience simply by witnessing the experiences of those around you? This Direction of Joy invites you to stand in your full power and feel your own magnificence as it is reflected to you through others.

These Four Life Force Channels come together and intersect at the heart - because the heart is where we feel joy. By being in a steady practice of these Four Directions, you’ll continue to gain greater access to the full range of your joy. Cultivating a reliable connection to Source, nurturing a consistent connection to your body’s wisdom, allowing yourself the freedom to openly express your deepest truth, and developing the ability to readily receive all that the world is offering you … these are the four keys that are needed to unlock your heart’s capacity to open to a consistent, daily flow of joy.