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How to Feel Good Feeling Bad

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Accessing joy consistently in your daily life can be challenging. It’s not always easy to see the big picture, the grand design, and to understand there’s divine perfection in it all. I’ve devised a system of processing your moment-to-moment reality that makes it a bit easier. It’s called Heart iQ Tracking.

Heart iQ Tracking provides valuable insight into what’s causing your resistance to joy, what’s getting in the way, and which thoughts and judgments are keeping you from loving what is.

When you track well, you have the key to joy in any moment!

Learn more in the video below.


Although tracking can be used as a way to read energy of others and the room, in this blog, we’ll focus on your personal practice of Heart iQ Tracking.  This powerful practice will teach you to pay attention to what is presently moving for you and in you, and distinguish the difference between the content and your relationship to the content.


The Secret To Great Tracking

“Content” refers to whatever you're noticing about your current experience, as well as the feelings you're having about a particular topic, theme, or concern that happens to be “up” for you right now, such as health, career, or love life. It’s present-moment awareness of what’s occupying your energetic focus.

The next piece to track is your relationship to the content. What are the judgments, thoughts, or beliefs you're holding about it? What judgments are causing you to feel resistance to what is, that is, resistance to what is currently moving for you? 

Examples might be a belief that your current weight is unacceptable, or that it’s better to be in charge of a situation than at its mercy, or even that it is better to be happy than it is to be sad. The truth is, all of us are running judgments all the time about everyone and everything around us — most especially ourselves!

The key to joyful and effective tracking is to stay aware of both the content and your relationship to the content. You must track the truth of the content, and you must track the judgments, fears, doubts, and any other inner dialogue you’re running about it. When only one of these is tracked, your tracking will feel heavy and incomplete, but when both are tracked together, it will feel uplifting and satisfying.

Occasionally we need to engage a second-level track, where we notice that we are judging our judgment.

Here’s an example: I’m feeling sad (the content) and I’m running a judgment that it’s weak to feel sad (relationship to the content). As I track that, I can see how I’m making myself wrong for having this judgment and not loving myself as I am (second-level tracking). 

When you’re tracking properly, you’ll feel a sense of relief, as though you’ve laid down a heavy burden. If your tracking doesn’t feel good, you’re not going deep enough with it.

In this next video, I share deeper about the key ingredients to great tracking:


You’ll know that you’re successfully tracking because it will feel good to do so. The process of tracking allows you to zoom out and watch all that’s moving in your in-the-moment reality from a non-identified perspective. This perspective is inherently enjoyable and naturally brings out your curious human nature. You can experience awe, wonder and joy by noticing what you’re witnessing, without identifying with it. The trick is to not confuse what you’re watching with the experience of watching it. For example, you may be experiencing grief in your life. The grief itself may not feel good, but witnessing yourself in your experience of grief can feel nourishing.

Watch this profound demo to see how I coach a client to zoom out and track his inner world, turning his heavy pain into joy! 

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A great place to start with your Heart iQ journey is take this 90-day challenge. This is an opportunity to practice your conscious communication, embodiment and heart intelligence with others online. Although perfect for complete beginners, it's also a great way for the members of the community who have already been initiated to re-connect and to continue to deepen their practice.

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What are the primary benefits of good tracking?

1. You can discern between different parts of you.

Why is this important?

By recognising the parts of you that are influencing your perception, you can remain more in choice about the experience you're having. For example, you can notice when the part of you that carries scarcity and fear is speaking loudly. Because you can see what part of you is speaking, and that this voice represents only one part of you, you can choose if you want to place your attention in resistance to or in acceptance of ‘what is.’ You can remember that you have the power to move your attention to what you want in any moment.    

2. You can be aware of the thoughts and stories that are moving in relationship to your experience.

Why is this important?

By being aware of your thoughts, stories, judgments, concerns, worries, and doubts, you can “take your power back” by consciously choosing where your attention is placed when you notice that you’re being hijacked, controlled or bullied by those thoughts. So, rather than feeling bad and closing down, you can be in joy no matter what the conditions or circumstance of your life.

How Do You Track Effectively?

Tracking is the practice of witnessing and speaking the content contained in all the primary levels of your reality, e.g. Physical, Emotional, Mental, Energetic and your Intuition. Tracking is also the art of naming any resistance and judgements you have about the content at any of these levels, and then, given everything that you’re noticing, what is your ultimate truth? This combined or integrated truth is known in Heart iQ as your 'Integrated Awareness.'



Integrated Awareness is your ability to translate all of what you’ve observed from the different levels of your experience into a greater wisdom that upgrades, improves and expands the quality of your choices and actions. It’s easier to make poor choices in life when operating from only one part of yourself, such as making a decision solely based upon what your body is craving or what makes sense to your mind. Instead, if you can take the information from ALL the levels that you’re witnessing and bring these puzzle pieces together, then a much larger picture of clarity can emerge.

Keep in mind that whichever level you find most difficult to access and track, this will be the place where you’ll carry your biggest ‘blind spot.’ For example, if you tend to be disconnected from your body and feel challenged with being tuned-in to your physical needs, then it’s likely that you’ll struggle with feeling vital and healthy, or perhaps, with an addiction related to your body, such as an eating disorder. Tracking awakens your awareness, which gives you access to more choice around your actions.

Your truth becomes more available the more you practice zooming out so you can be the witness to your experience, without the interference you normally encounter through your projections, opinions, expectations and judgments. 


Enjoying this practice? Why not join us for an upcoming Heart iQ Challenge?

A great place to start with your Heart iQ journey is take this 90-day challenge. This is an opportunity to practice your conscious communication, embodiment and heart intelligence with others online. Although perfect for complete beginners, it's also a great way for the members of the community who have already been initiated to re-connect and to continue to deepen their practice.

Click here to learn more about the Heart iQ Challenge



Your Daily Tracking Practice

Take a few moments to ask yourself the following questions. You can do this practice at any point in your day, even multiple times per day. 

1)  Tune-in for stillness, then track with your eyes open or closed.

2)  Ask yourself, “What am I feeling? / What’s moving in me right now in this present moment?”

  • If possible, speak out loud as you track - giving voice to what’s real lowers your resistance to it.
  • Give yourself permission to notice and appreciate all that’s moving in you. Be willing to feel what’s real and true for you. This means not just acknowledging the ‘good’ but also include what you think is the ‘bad’ and ‘ugly’ too.

The levels you’ll be tracking are:

BODY - Scan your body head to toe, feel your heartbeat, notice your breathing, physical sensations, pain, tension, openness, ease, relaxation

EMOTION - Different emotions moving at the same time – anger, sadness, joy, passion, etc.

ENERGY/VITALITY - Physical energy, vitality, aliveness, fire, sexuality (feeling ‘turned on by life’), creative spark, sensuality, tingling in hands, life force

INTUITION - Inner voice, heart’s guidance, soul wisdom, higher self

 *If you can’t connect to this level, simply hold the intention or longing to listen to your guidance 

MIND - What am I thinking about? What’s spinning in my thoughts? Am I running any judgments right now? If so, what are they? (Speak them plainly and directly without story or explanation)

3)  Ask yourself, “What do I want?”

  • Now that you know what you’re feeling, you can feel into what you want. Your answer may come right away, or you may need to be still and wait for your longing to emerge.
  • As you ask yourself what you want, try speaking aloud the different options that come up. Say them as statements of what you want. After each sentence, pause and notice if what you’ve said feels ‘juicy.’ Remember, ‘juicy’ is a feeling that comes when you’re tapping into your heart’s authentic truth.

 4)  Track the limiting beliefs, judgments and stories that come up when you access what you want.

  • After you get in touch with what you want, it’s likely that your mind will come in and tell you all the reasons why it’s not possible, not attainable or that you’re not worthy to want it, follow it or have it. Our defense system naturally protects us from feeling more joy, so first we need to track how we defend against what we want, so that we can then navigate it with greater ease.



  • The purpose of this practice is to enjoy it!

  • Anything that you notice is good for you to track. If you’re feeling numb or disconnected, then track that too.

  • The different levels of your reality are separated into single levels for the purpose of this tracking practice. In reality, they all work together simultaneously in your awareness.