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How Healing in Circle Can Transform Your World


Here's an introduction from one of our Accelerated Awakening Ultima events where I share how healing in circle using Heart iQ can open your Heart and remove the resistance that keeps you stuck in your life. 

In the video you'll learn how to open your body, mind and Heart to more joy than you ever dreamed possible through a relaxed practice that honours your nervous system without having to 'push' or break down your defences.

I also share about how to balance the inner masculine and feminine inside of you through the conscious practice of Heart iQ Circle Work.

I would love to know what you thought and felt when listening to this talk. What was your take away or medicine?

Do you have questions that pop up? If so, join us in the Sacred Circle where the discussion takes place...

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"How To Remove The Resistance In Your Life & Feel More Joy, Acceptance and Love"
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  • Feel More by accepting who you are and allowing joy into your heart.
  • Discover how to instantly shift from feeling lost and powerless to strong and in control of your life.
  • Free yourself from years of buried pain and connect more deeply to the ones you love.
  • Release trapped emotion that sabotages your happiness and success.
  • Harness your ability to instantly shift emotional states and let go of negativity. 
  • Eliminate unwanted feelings and behaviors that lead to illness, dis-ease and low energy.
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