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A common question I get asked is ‘How do I find my purpose?’ The question itself implies your purpose is somewhere to be ‘found’, as if it’s been hiding under a rock somewhere waiting for you to one day discover it! 

Wrong. Purpose is not found, it’s manifested through focused and fearless passion applied through consistent inspired action. Those that are ‘on purpose’ know this, those that don’t struggle and keep looking.

It’s one thing to manifest a ‘thing’, it’s another altogether to manifest a purpose worthy of you. 

Most of us don’t wake up dreaming of changing the world. Our thoughts instead follow a familiar pattern of getting through the day, feeding the family, making ends meet etc. 

But there’s hope. You can get back on the path of self assured direction, freedom and prosperity. The solution is here and waiting for you to claim. 

My name is Christian Pankhurst and I’m the founder of the work known as Heart IQ (often known as Heart Intelligence). 

I’ve been through hell and high water over the last decade to build an international organisation that currently serves over 30,000 community members and we've trained and certified over 250 coaches and facilitators in the Heart IQ Method. An idea that started many years ago is now literally, changing the world. 

I’m not saying this to brag, I share it because this vision and purpose had to come from deep within me and I found a way to manifest it into reality - even though I felt the fear, resistance, lack of self-confidence that haunt every single one of us. 

I know what it takes to turn dreams into a reality and I can help you do the same with yours. You don’t have to do it alone. Help is available. 

I’ve created a complimentary video series on Leadership and Freedom. It’s a powerful training that will help you get clear on whether you’re thriving or merely surviving and will give you tools to remove the resistance and fear that has held you back from unleashing the dormant potential that could change not just your life, but potentially the masses too.

The question is, are you ready to take the next step?

There is so much need in the world right now for heart centered leadership and there is so much hunger to leave behind the self doubt and fear that has held you back from living your deepest purpose and going for the life you were born to live.

Don't wait another second to take this important step.