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Heart iQ Academy - Annual Contribution

The Heart iQ Academy offers a new way to upgrade your life with Heart iQ. As a member, you get unlimited access to any Academy event and all the classes and circles that are offered there.

You choose what you want to learn and experience from a selection of topics and themes, including, but not limited to: Community building, enlightened sexuality, couples work, intimacy, coach training, circle facilitation, conflict resolution, men & women's work, brotherhood and sisterhood and going deep into your healing journey. Experience the joy of becoming YOU.


How To Pay For Your Experience

We believe Heart iQ should be available to everyone. 

Thus, our funding philosophy is built on trust, equality and integrity.

We've created a system where you pay based on what you can afford.

We offer a range of payment options based on income levels so anyone who feels the call to come home to their Heart, can.

We trust you will choose what feels right for you and we trust Heart iQ will flourish and prosper with all the abundance it needs to grow and thrive in the world.


We encourage you to think of your payment as a declaration of your support for Heart iQ to grow and spread, which at the same time, gives you access to on-going education that directly benefits you and all those whose lives you touch. A true win-win for us all.

If you wish to contribute more and pay it forward for others less fortunate, and wish to become a Heart iQ benefactor, please reach out to us at [email protected]



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