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Heart Intelligence - or Heart iQ - will lead you to your deepest joy through the one thing you’ve been ignoring your entire life...

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Your Heart iQ Journey in 3 Steps

1. Take The Free Masterclass

This first step is about getting inspired and understanding the work. We've created a complimentary masterclass to feed your heart, mind & soul and get you started with applying Heart Intelligence in your own life.

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2. Experience The Work

The next step is to take what you've learned in the free masterclass and to experience it. This means attending a 4 day Heart iQ Experience, which is facilitated by Heart iQ Founder, Christian Pankhurst. 

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3. Join The Academy

Your final step is to join your tribe in the Heart iQ Academy. This is where you'll learn critical life & relationship skills to apply into your daily life, through a buffet of classes, circles and community experiences, offered live & online.

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What is Heart Intelligence?

Heart iQ is a practice for cultivating radical self-love and intimacy - without digging up your past or endlessly processing your pain. 

It creates an environment that is poisonous to unworthiness and a magnet to your goodness.

It's a community & collective ecstatic healing practice that will open you wide and help you feel the depth of your heart and soul, ultimately freeing you to feel home again, in yourself, connected to your worth, value and self acceptance.

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Join The Heart iQ Community

As a way to keep you connected with others who love Heart iQ and the work we've created a vibrant private Facebook group where you can check in, share and speak your truth about things that matter. Christian regularly posts videos and hosts spontaneous livestreams - and it's completely free!


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