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The Awakened Living Project 2.0

How would you like to stay at a centre that is dedicated to the growth and awakening of heart intelligent beings, together in community? 

A place where you can stay for a weekend, or longer in dream like surroundings with like-hearted beings. 

  • A place that calls you into your fullest potential. 
  • A place to bring your creative endeavours to life. 
  • A place where you can experience the power of community. 
  • A place where you can be free, wild and adventurous. 
  • A place that’s designed for activation and embodiment.

Well, now this exists. 

From January 18th till March 24th, the doors of New Eden are open for the second Awakened Living Project. 

This is taking place at the New Eden Retreat Centre, surrounded by 50 acres of forest with gorgeous facilities such as heated pool, jacuzzi, event and meditation space, in house cinema, co-working spaces and fully provided vegetarian meals in our commercial kitchen and dining area. 

During these 9 weeks, the centre has opened its doors for Heart Intelligent leaders to come together to play, co create and grow together. 


About The Founder

Christian Pankhurst is a world leading expert in group dynamics, conscious communication, and the art of circle facilitation. Christian is a master conductor of the collective wisdom that emerges when resonant heart's come together, and his piecing clarity lovingly cuts through bullshit while he holds a space of unconditional love for what wants to emerge in the now.

Christian teaches how to tap into the power of the collective wisdom or 'field' so facilitators learn how to heal themselves and others simultaneously through a process that is embodied and joyful rather than heady and focused on solving problems. 

Christian's unique capacity to translate  complex group dynamics into simple, clear and practical insights is the reason why so many seek him out to get trained in the art of small and large group facilitation.

Christian started facilitating groups in 2002 after graduating as a Chiropractor from the AECC in the U.K. His speciality is using a group’s wisdom and energy to open up gateways of transformation that are simply not available in an individual or one-on-one practice. 

In 2008, Christian entered and won the Britain's Next Top Coach Competition, receiving 52% of the votes from over 90 countries around the world. He is the best-selling author of Insights To Intimacy - Why Relationships Fail and How To Make Them Work, and is the co-founder of New Eden, a centre for those wishing to grow, co-create and awaken together in community.


"Utterly dedicated to every single participant in the room, watching Christian facilitate is a masterclass in itself. There is a beauty and depth to his work that is both subtle, but also practical. My nervous system has literally stretched beyond its original shape and I know this transformation is cellular. If you love witnessing your own metamorphosis from caterpillar through the mulch to a butterfly, this retreat will knock your socks off, blow your mind and re-wire your biology. I can’t recommend it highly enough or wait to go back for more!"

Priya Mahtani
Previous Graduate

Transform Your Relationships

In Christian's book, Insights To Intimacy - 'Why Relationships Fail & How To Make Them Work' he shows you how to heal yourself and your family through the sacred union of conscious heart intelligent relationship. 

Don't wait till things get worse... Learn the skills to become Heart Intelligent today and become a healthy role model for a new generation of emotionally literate individuals.


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