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Accelerated Awakening Ultima 

Experience Divine EmbodimentRegulate Your Nervous System Open Your Heart Meet Yourself Fully Heal Past Trauma Expand Your Emotional Range Connect Deeply With Others Experience a 'New Normal' Experience Community & Tribe



June 19th - 25th
New Eden, Netherlands

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"As in Circle, as in Life"

Dear Friend,

You know there’s more to life. You want to do less and be more. You want to melt those inner walls and experience the beauty and juicy aliveness of your own heart. You know it’s there. You’ve felt it. It’s just that sometimes, in the hustle and bustle of everyday, it gets hidden and buried.

But here’s the thing. You were born as part of a tribe. You were never meant to go it alone. You are here for a reason. You are here to thrive, together with other seekers on the path.

In this 7-day experience you will be guided to the deepest depths of your human experience while simultaneously expanding presence and awareness of both self, other, and the group.

With an increased capacity of awareness and access to your essential nature, we will travel into the mystery of the group heart field together using the power of Heart iQ Circle work.

Experience your body. Drop in deeply. Allow yourself to be moved by a deeper connection to yourself and others. Watch the stress and disconnect of modern-day living dissolve and disappear. Experience heart-centred family. Be infused with your own greatness. Leave feeling clear and consciously connected to the beauty of your life. Connect to your tribe.

The greatest gift you can give to the world is to become a fully healthy you.

In love and truth,

- Christian

Founder of Heart iQ
Co-Founder of New Eden

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What is Accelerated Awakening?

Watch this video to learn what makes Heart iQ mat work and circles so special.


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Your Retreat Experience

The focus of the Heart iQ circle journey we will embark on is to get you into your body while simultaneously tapping into a higher state of consciousness by leveraging the power of the amplified field, generated by everyone attending.

The amplified space we co-create in mindful awareness and embodied presence is a brave space for those ready to connect more deeply to the mysterious potential of healing that is possible in emergent group fields.

This space is mostly unknown, we have no idea what will happen between us. And that’s exactly the place where we want to hang out… in this liminal space anything is possible as we set and hold a remarkably potent container where literally anything can happen.

We will travel through lifetimesother worlds and realities, all in a ritualized space perfectly designed for the emergence of what wants to happen through and between us. It is a transformational multi-dimensional experience unlike any circle you have sat in before.

One of the effects of this space of surrendered leadership and primal permission is that you will begin to trust your intuition and your voice among others. Instead of waiting for the right moment or your own personal perfectionist you will be called and magically aligned to step into active participation and effortless flow as the current of the group heart calls us all into deeper levels of collective healing.

You’ll get to practice opening, not through psychological analysis, processing of your stories or digging up your past, but though exercises that connect you to your body, your life force and your vast depth of emotion and feeling.

In essence, you’ll be learning a language of love that goes way beyond the verbal expression most of us rely on. It is a language that connects us through a shared frequency of heart field, and when you have access to and become fluent in this language, you’ll have the key to unlock joy whenever you want.

The power available in emergent group heart fields is always a new unique flavor made up of the particular combination of those who attend. As we all tap into collective consciousness, openings appear that are beyond the thinking mind’s comprehension.

The apparent risk, and vulnerability alive in this space breeds a tenderness that can be so sacred and limitless it most resembles what we call: Soul Intimacy.

What Will You Receive?


Experience the beauty and aliveness of your open heart.


Receive some of the most cutting-edge embodiment practices, teachings and tools for personal awakening that can be applied to your life forever.


Learn how to move instantly from a collapsed place of unworthiness into your strength and authentic power.


Tap into your inner knowing, and your hearts goodness to remember your life's purpose.


Liberate any bound life force energy that is dormant or ‘stuck’ in your physical, emotional and energetic body.


Deepen your capacity to open through embodied connection to yourself, in relationships and in group fields.


Embrace your wounding as your superpower and start to transform it into a gift to share with the world.


Be re-inspired by human potential and what’s possible in conscious connection with others.


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Other Benefits Include:

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What Happens at Accelerated Awakening?

Each retreat is unique and emergent in nature. This means we co-create our experience together. That said, there are some core ingredients that you'll get to taste. Here are a few...

Heart iQ Circles & Mat Work

You'll spend time in circle, facilitated by Christian, where you will receive new imprints and experience the magic of Heart iQ.

Embodied Connection

Throughout the week, you'll be given multiple opportunities to connect to yourself and others through movement, sound, breath and touch.

Intimacy Practices

We want you to leave with practical take-home practices & tools to apply to your life & relationships. 

Divine Relaxation

Many of us carry a subtle core stress, like background static, in our nervous systems and we need to learn how to drop in and relax so that deeper healing can take place.

Q&A Debriefs

During the week we will occasionally gather in the evenings to debrief the day, providing a space to ask questions and deepen your understanding of the group dynamics and the meta collective process and journey we are on.

Music & Dance

During the week we will participate in Dances of Universal Peace to build resonance in the field and deepen our connection to unity consciousness. We will also have dance parties in the evening to decompress from the day.

What You'll Experience at Accelerated Awakening


Nourishing experiences for your body, mind and spirit to drop in and rest in stillness.


Feel received and supported as you deepen your connection with others.


Hidden sanctuary a short journey outside of Amsterdam.


Playful exploration of your sensual self.


Upgrade your inner knowing.


Space to be you. 


A drug and alcohol-free event.


Delicious vegetarian food lovingly prepared by our master chef.


Celebrating, learning, relaxing, reconnecting and making new friends.


Embodiment practices to help you access your body’s innate wisdom and truth.


Slowing down, relaxing your mind, dropping into rest and rejuvenating your spirit, becoming emptied out, letting go of your struggle, taking time to breathe deeply and be still, honoring your body, remembering who you are and moving from your essence.


Sights, sounds, tastes, smells, taking in the wonder of the unknown, delighting in your beautiful body, embracing your free spirit, exploring through innocence, art, color, and metaphor, creating new possibilities, inviting yourself back home.


Indulging in skin, warmth, contact, exploring with fingers, hands, arms, receiving what you need, savoring, meeting each other with feet, legs, bellies, and backs in celebration, spines dancing, unwinding tension, discovering, melting, surrendering into trust.


Drawing your attention inward, listening, making new discoveries, opening to your needs, tender care, fiercely loving, moving into connection with others, intimate moments of presence where life can speak in gentle tones, unfolding and illuminating.


Breathing, stretching, bending, twisting, taking on new shapes, following your rhythms into unknown spaces, pausing to feel the urge of life moving from within, trusting your intuition, tuning into empty space, exploding lifeforce and emotion in full spectrum.


Daring to open, diving into the depths of you, trusting the field, leaning into our collective connection, breaking through and saying yes, enjoying your no, welcoming others as your mirror, perfect timing, harvesting medicine to transform your life.

How Does it Work? 

Heart iQ Circle Work is what is called a "Transformational Technology". 

It's not about fixing your dysfunction or about focusing on your problems. 

It's an upgrade. 

What if what you think is broken and problematic, is actually you not having an 'imprint' of a healthy way of being? 

What if you were never given the imprint of what it means to be a man, a woman, a lover, a parent, an elder, or a leader?

What if you were never given a model of what life COULD be? What if, instead of being blessed with healthy imprints of what you can be, you were given a limited, conditioned and restricted version of what's truly possible?

Heart iQ is the transformational technology that offers you DIRECT, in-the-body imprints of upgraded ways of being, without needing to focus on your past or on your issues. 

Heart iQ Circle provides a roadmap to experience what we call, "The New Normal"

Watch this video (filmed at a previous Accelerated Awakening Ultima retreat) to discover more about Heart iQ Circle and the Sacred Imprinting work we do, and why being in a group, working with the amplified field, provides access to upgraded ways of being that are impossible to access on your own or 1-2-1. 

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"Utterly dedicated to every single participant in the room, watching Christian facilitate is a masterclass in itself. There is a beauty and depth to his work that is both subtle, but also practical. My nervous system has literally stretched beyond its original shape and I know this transformation is cellular. If you love witnessing your own metamorphosis from caterpillar through the mulch to a butterfly, this retreat will knock your socks off, blow your mind and re-wire your biology. I can’t recommend it highly enough or wait to go back for more!"

Priya Mahtani,
Heart iQ Coach, Graduated in 2014


“As guys, we don’t know how to access our emotions, but the work of Heart iQ has made it safe for me to go there.”

United Kingdom

“I had become blocked in my feelings for my wife and children. With Heart iQ, I started having more space inside me to feel how much love I have for all of them. I’ve learned that I have to keep my inner space clear so that I can feel what’s important to me. It’s the space inside me that allows me to let them in more deeply.”

Simon M
United Kingdom

"These days, I have shared things with my husband that I haven’t shared in seventeen years, and it feels so great and relieving—and he is still here! To have all these tools and to experience that people can go through things and feel more joy, all this is encouraging me to know that I can do this more in my life."


I had become blocked in my feelings for my wife and children. With Heart iQ, I started having more space inside me to feel how much love I have for all of them. I’ve learned that I have to keep my inner space clear so that I can feel what’s important to me. It’s the space inside me that allows me to let them in more deeply.

United Kingdom

“I can now feel what I want and then ask for what I want. This had made a huge difference for me to feel safe and secure in my relationship.”

United Kingdom

“I can’t really remember feeling so joyful before; I’m wide open! I feel like I’ve been present to a coming together in such a beautiful way through this work.”

Simon G.
United Kingdom

“These days, I have shared things with my husband that I haven’t shared in seventeen years, and it feels so great and relieving—and he is still here! To have all these tools and to experience that people can go through things and feel more joy, all this is encouraging me to know that I can do this more in my life.”


“I’m taking away an acceptance that it’s okay and safe to embrace all of me. In fact, I relish it now because that’s when my heart smiles!”

United States

“Through this work, I know that it’s safe to speak my truth in the moment and that I can rely on my own safety within.”


“I feel joyful, light, still, and allowed to drop deep in my feminine power and vulnerability. I thank you for having such a clear program, and in such a short time, getting to the core.”


“Sometimes, I end up getting stuck on what I want, and I can’t see the whole picture. Through this work, I’ve realized I have such a great relationship with my partner. We have a wonderful life together!”


“There have been so many ‘Oh My God!’ life-changing moments; it’s fantastic!”

United Kingdom

“This is one of the best personal development experiences I’ve had in my eighteen years of working on myself. You incorporate the whole experience—body, mind, and spirit. It was so rich!”


“The most important thing I take away is to be able to track my own thoughts and feelings and not to immediately judge them or diagnose myself after ten seconds. I don’t have to follow old patterns, and it feels really good! It’s been a confirmation that all the things we’ve done to this point have brought us here, and I know I’m on the way now.”


“I realize that it can be joyful to work on my shit!”


“I’m taking away a clear and constant heart. I’m taking away tools that can make my really good relationship great!”

United Kingdom

“I feel really open—I feel like I have love for the whole world. I never thought it would be possible in such a short time to get insights that I’ve been trying to find for so long. I’ve been trying to let go of an old relationship that was so painful for me, and I could finally release it through this work.”

Meet Christian

About Your Facilitator

Christian Pankhurst is globally recognized as an eminent authority on emergent group dynamics. Through the integration of various embodied modalities, he has devised a groundbreaking method to foster profound transformational spaces, employing a unique circle technology known as Heart iQ. Heart iQ is about doing deep inner work together with others in community.

This approach is both potent and intuitive, allowing the field's wisdom to steer the course, rather than the facilitator's predetermined agenda. Christian's mastery lies in imparting the art of attuning to the subtle cues within the field and deciphering group dynamics, enabling the circle itself to assume the role of the teacher. Since commencing his journey as a group facilitator in 2002, Christian has amassed an impressive 50,000 hours of teaching experience in circle at his deep dive retreats.  

He had trained and certified more than 400 practitioners, facilitators, and coaches hailing from over 50 countries worldwide. Currently, he primarily teaches in the United States, UK & Europe. In 2015, Christian established and co-founded "New Eden," an idyllic transformational retreat centre nestled in the Netherlands. Spanning a breathtaking 10-acre property, this sanctuary provides an ideal backdrop for immersive and soul-stirring experiences. It serves as his spiritual haven and a sacred space where he delves into his most profound work.

Meet The Team

Certified Heart iQ Facilitator

Paulina Bolek

Paulina is an Embodiment, Intimacy & Voice Medicine Guide, Group Facilitator, Singer-Songwriter. Educated in and passionate about Philosophy and Gender Studies, she's committed to empowering humans of all gender expressions to live their lives courageously and meaningfully.

As a coach and facilitator since 2016, she loves creating spaces where people get to experience inner safety, deep (self-) connection, pleasure and embodied fulfilment.

Devoted to the path of the heart, she's consciously embracing the fullness of her humanity as a queer woman and mother, bringing her gifts through intuitive and deeply embodied transmission.

Certified Heart iQ FacilitatorS

Christina Lausevic & Simon McIntosh

Christina, sometimes known as Gulzar, is a certified leader and Mentor for the Dances of Universal Peace. Sharing the Dances and creating heart-centred community is one of the greatest joys of her life. Christina and Simon have been running Embodied Awakening Retreats in the UK and abroad together since 2013, having completed in-depth Heart IQ training with Christian over many years both as Retreat Facilitators and Relationship coaches. Bringing their own flavour to the work, they also regularly facilitate at international camps such as Sacred Arts Camp in the UK.

The Dances bring great depth of connection, tenderness, surrender as well as joy and aliveness within self and within community, so enhancing the powerful work of Heart IQ.  The practice of the Dances can be life-transforming. Working  on all  levels, aligning voice, breath, movement, with the power of sacred mantra,  we move as one body, one heart, one being…..

We are delighted to bring this practice to Accelerated Awakening again after so many years.

Where Do We Gather?

Accelerated Awakening takes place at New Eden, our own dedicated venue located in the Heart of Friesland, Netherlands, surrounded by 50 acres of beautiful forest and nature. It is completely private and is gloriously free from the noise and distractions of modern life.


Staying at New Eden is like stepping into a different reality of wonder and magic. We go to great lengths to create a strong and loving container for you to stretch into the best version of yourself while creating a culture of acceptance, authenticity, depth of practice, mastery and heart-centered living. This is a space where you can Thrive!

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Imagine for a moment, visiting a place out of time, a place where time stands still. A lush oasis and sanctuary for your soul, where you get to be seen and felt in all your glory. A place where you get to show up exactly as you are. A place where you get to be the real you.

New Eden is that place. New Eden is a beautiful, nourishing, healing space where you get to truly drop into your authentic self, rest and receive. Filled up from the inside, you get to shine your light into the world and expand your range beyond what you previously thought possible.


Prices below include tuition, accommodation and meal package:

Camping: €1815

Shared Room: €1995

Single Room: €2235

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