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Foundations Facilitator Training

Using the Power of Somatics, Depth Psychology, Circle work & Group Dynamics to Facilitate Personal & Collective Transformation 


22-28 July

The Netherlands

Join Maanee Chrystal & Christian Pankhurst for a 7 day in person retreat & leadership training to learn the foundations of trauma informed somatic shadow facilitation, group dynamics & circle work into your practice as a therapist, coach, leader or facilitator

What is Somatic Shadow & Circle Work?

We all long to be seen, belong, loved, felt, and accepted, yet since we were young, we received messages that in order to be loved and accepted, we must act and behave in a certain way. These messages come from family, culture, religion, media, and personal and collective trauma.

This programming ends up repressing aspects of ourselves that are intrinsic to our sense of self on some of the most core and fundamental levels of our being. When we repress parts of ourselves, they end up residing in our shadow.

The shadow is the unconscious. It is where our hidden, exiled, rejected & orphaned parts of ourself live. Because the shadow is unconscious we don't know they are there. Shadow work is a process of revealing our shadow, and safely learning how to re-integrate it back into our conscious awareness.

Somatic Shadow & Circle Work is a powerful approach to personal growth that integrates the body, nervous system, trauma, mind, and soul. It explores exiled parts of self and helps individuals safely feel the suppressed emotions and sensations that surround the core beliefs holding them back from leading fulfilling, connected, free, and authentic lives.

When we feel safe enough to turn toward our shadows, we have the potential to release long-lasting trauma and the emotional, somatic, and psychological bound energy stored in our body/mind. This powerful process work allows us to courageously step into a more authentic, empowered version of ourselves.

Through this body-oriented, trauma-aware approach, you will gain new skills and profound insights into the necessity and importance of shadow work, nervous system health, trauma awareness, circle work, somatic coaching and how to work with group dynamics as an agent for personal and collective healing and transformation.

As a trained Somatic Shadow & Circle Work Facilitator, you will help people navigate deep personal and collective challenges while incorporating the body and nervous system for an integrative and long-lasting approach to awakening and integration. This approach not only heals individuals but also creates a ripple effect of growth and positive change within their community.

Core Principles of Somatic Shadow & Circle work Facilitator Training


As trauma is stored in the body, We take a sensation based, nervous system & trauma informed approach : We believe true and long lasting transformation can not happen until we feel, meet, our body, sensations, emotions, neurobiology & physiology as apart of any therapeutic work.


Shame is integrated when held, felt & seen by a loving presence. The group field acts not only as a powerful catalyst for collective transformation & integration of our shadow but also as a loving tribe that offers a re-imprinting of our need for community & our intrinsic need for belonging & love.


We believe a true leader is one that leads from experience. Therefore this will not only be a professional training but most importantly a personal transformation process. In order to work with other peoples shadows, we must be willing to connect, feel & be with the hidden & denied aspects of ourselves as well.



Though the content of shadow work is vulnerable & tender, we work with the principle of this work being an intrinsically joyful process, not something that has to be hard, painful or that we have to push through resistance. Shadow work is an act of no longer self abandoning & this in its essence is a touching & connected journey for all.

Our Somatic Shadow & Circle Work program offers you

Foundational Curriculum

This program will cover the foundations of Somatic Shadow & Circle Work Facilitation. In our foundations course you will walk away with knowing the fundamentals of

  • Holding circle work
  • Somatic coaching & facilitation
  • How to create embodied somatic safety
  • Nervous system Regulation: Self & Co-regulation practices
  • Powerful practices & exercises in somatic shadow work that can be adapted to individuals & groups
  • Somatic Coaching / facilitation skills : Body based coaching that supports people to move from story to embodied present moment relating & self inquiry
  • How to access different ranges of our shadow within a group
  • Somatic Movement practices

Trauma informed container

This retreat is held by expert trainers along with a team of trauma informed assistants to create personal & group somatic safety through out the program.

Interactive Experience

This program includes a balance of theory and practical, hands-on experience to help you develop your skills and build your confidence as a Somatic Shadow Work Facilitator.

Community Building

The program includes building a supportive community, which will not only help you in your personal growth but also provide lifelong relationships and mentors.

 Your guides

Maanee Chrystal

Maanee is a Somatic Psychotherapist, Dance Therapist, and Somatic Integrative Educator & Activist.  With her innate capacity for deep feeling and sensing, Maanee weaves together a tapestry of modalities including shadow work, somatics, trauma resolution, nervous system health, dance therapy, non-duality, eco-somatics, embodied leadership, sensuality & the erotic.

As the visionary founder of The Somatic Institute for Women, Maanee has created a sanctuary for women seeking to reclaim their power and embodiment. Her year-long teacher trainings on somatics for women have empowered and educated nearly 300 students, equipping them with the tools to become somatic educators themselves & her school holds over 50,000 students worldwide.

Beyond her work at the Institute, Maanee serves as a somatic psychotherapist  working in private practice for the last 10 years. She also leads immersive trainings on shadow work, delving into the depths of the human psyche to bring about profound transformation.

Christian Pankhurst

Christian Pankhurst is globally recognized as an eminent authority on emergent group dynamics. Through the integration of various embodied modalities, he has devised a groundbreaking method to foster profound transformational spaces, employing a unique circle technology known as Heart iQ. Heart iQ is about doing deep inner work together with others in community.

This approach is both potent and intuitive, allowing the field's wisdom to steer the course, rather than the facilitator's predetermined agenda. Christian's mastery lies in imparting the art of attuning to the subtle cues within the field and deciphering group dynamics, enabling the circle itself to assume the role of the teacher. Since commencing his journey as a group facilitator in 2002, Christian has amassed an impressive 50,000 hours of teaching experience in circle at his deep dive retreats.

He had trained and certified more than 400 practitioners, facilitators, and coaches hailing from over 50 countries worldwide. Currently, he primarily teaches in the United States, UK & Europe. In 2015, Christian established and co-founded "New Eden," an idyllic transformational retreat centre nestled in the Netherlands. Spanning a breathtaking 10-acre property, this sanctuary provides an ideal backdrop for immersive and soul-stirring experiences. It serves as his spiritual haven and a sacred space where he delves into his most profound work.

Watch Maanee & Christian lecturing about the shadow & circle work facilitator training

JULY 22-28


Held at New Eden,  a unique residential retreat center surrounded by 50 acres of calm and quiet land, 90 minutes from Amsterdam.



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€1995 early bird. (ends June 22nd 2024)
€2395 full price


Shared room with all meals ​€660
Single room with all meals ​€840

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