The Heart iQ Experience

Free yourself from the resistance that holds you back and reconnect to your aliveness and authentic essence.

In a single weekend you can discover more about yourself than you could in years. It’s the benefit of being in an amplified field together with a tribe of courageous, loving and open Hearts. 

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Heart iQ's mission is to offer men, women and couples a healthy imprint for being fully conscious, compassionate & connected with themselves and to others. Through a process of experiential and embodied practice, participants are lovingly and expertly guided to meet and embrace all aspects of themselves, together with others in community and tribe. By doing this important work, we put an end to the passing down of toxic pain and dysfunction from one generation to the next, so that our children can help shape a better world.

Watch the video to hear Christian Pankhurst, founder of Heart iQ share about the Heart iQ Experience!


Once You Open Your Heart and Feel More...

Better Relationships

When you remove the resistance in your life and open your Heart fully, you'll have better sex, your relationships will thrive and intimacy will deepen to unimaginable depths.

Happier & Healthier

Joy is your natural state of being. When you remove the resistance in your life, this natural joy will bubble to the surface and your body will respond with increased energy & vitality.

Supportive Tribe

Healing occurs so much quicker when you do it together with others in a safe environment. You'll leave feeling connected with everyone and you'll be part of supportive growing family.

Rekindle Your Fire
Feel Your Depth
Open Your Heart


"The Greatest Gift You Can Give to Your Children is to Become a Fully Healthy You."

Your personal healing journey has led you here for a reason. You are ready to share your joy and your pain with other courageous loving and open hearts. You are ready to go deep, together.

What will I learn?

  • You’ll receive some of the most cutting-edge practices, teachings and tools in the personal awakening space that you can apply to your life forever.  
  • Move instantly from a collapsed place of unworthiness into your strength and authentic power.
  • Tap into your inner knowing to Remember Your Life’s Purpose.
  • How to liberate your bound life force energy that is dormant and 'stuck' in your physical, emotional and energetic body.
  • How to heal your wounding and transform them into gifts to share with the world.
  • How to remove the resistance that holds you back in life.
  • How to receive more of what you want.
  • How to open your Heart to others and let in the joy of being seen, heard and felt. 
  • How to show up fully in life and to feel, express and live your deepest truth, moment by moment. 

Itinerary & Schedule

Choose to attend just an evening taster, a weekend workshop or come along for the whole experience and enjoy our Facilitator Training day to learn the basics of running a Heart iQ Circle.

Friday Night (7.30pm-10pm)

Option 1: Attend just the Friday night Heart iQ Journey (2.5 hours). 

The Heart iQ Journey is a 2.5-hour guided experience through the '4-Directions of Joy' covering the basic foundations of Heart iQ.

Led by Heart iQ Founder, Christian Pankhurst, you will be taken out of your mind and into your Heart, offering you a respite from chronic thinking and self-critisim, where you can re-connect to yourself, to others and to the world around you.

Heart iQ is the practice of radical self-love. It's a way to feel your self-worth and goodness without endless processing, focusing on your pain or dissecting your past.

The focus of the 2.5 hour journey is to get you into your body while simultaneously tapping into a higher state of consciousness by leveraging the power of the amplified field, generated by everyone attending. 

It's hard to explain in words what happens on a Heart iQ Journey! It's nourishing, moving, activating, fun and gives you a chance to feel parts of you that you are normally disconnected from.

If you want to feel more joy in your life, while learning how to connect more deeply to others in a real, authentic way, then this will light you up!

Saturday & Sunday (9am-10pm)

Option 2: Stay for the full weekend Heart iQ Experience (includes the Friday night Heart iQ Journey from 7pm-10pm, all day Saturday from 9am-10pm and Sunday from 9am-6pm).

The Heart iQ Experience weekend is our Level 1 event, perfect for those new to Heart iQ and for those who have previously attended a retreat and wish to brush up on their skills and reconnect to the community. 

In this weekend experience, you’ll be in circle with Christian, allowing you to experience new and liberating ways to connect to your true essence and melt the defensive walls that keep you from opening your Heart and tapping your potential that is buried beneath years of habitual closure and conditioning. You’ll get to practice opening, not through psychological analysis, processing of your stories or digging up your past, but through exercises that connect you to your body, your life force and your vast depth of emotion and feeling. You’ll learn how to communicate your truth from the deepest part of you, helping you express and share yourself with others and the world. In essence, you’ll be learning a new language — a language of unconditional love that goes way beyond the verbal expression that most of us rely upon. It is a language that connects our Hearts, and when you become fluent, you'll have the key to unlock unlimited Joy whenever you want!

When learned, practiced and used in daily life, the language of Heart iQ creates personal happiness, deep healthy intimate relationships, and resonant families.

If you've been called to study a deeper, richer, more heart-based approach to relationships, intimacy and healing, then look no further! This workshop is exactly what you’ve been searching for.

Optional Extra: Monday (9am-6pm)

Option 3: Stay for the full weekend Heart iQ Experience and stay on for the Heart iQ Facilitator Training Day on Monday (Runs from 9am - 6pm)

The Heart IQ Facilitator Training Day is an optional 'add-on' for those who would like to practice leading circle using the Heart iQ method. This is not just for professionals as learning how to manage group dynamics and guide the energy of a group is a vital skill that impacts every area of life, like family and work. 

During the day Christian will guide you through practices to lead small groups circles while he reveals the subtle art of opening a room, creating safety and resonance and bringing people into connection effortlessly. 

If you love to learn about how things work behind the scenes and would like to not only help yourself but serve others with this work, then this is a great place to start.


An Introduction to Heart iQ Circle Work

Watch this video to hear Christian Pankhurst, Founder of Heart iQ, explain the key concepts behind his transformational technology.


Choose An Upcoming Experience Near You

October 18-21

Option 1:

Attend just the Friday night: 
Heart iQ Journey

Option 2:

Attend the Friday night & the weekend:
The Heart iQ Experience 
(maximum of  25 participants) 

Option 3:

Attend the Friday night, weekend plus an optional workshop on Monday:
Heart iQ Facilitator Training Day 
Receive skills to lead a Heart iQ Circle

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October 28th

Introduction Evening Only

Attend the Heart iQ Journey.

Starts at 7.30pm

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November 1-4

Option 1:

Attend just the Friday night: 
Heart iQ Journey 

Option 2:

Attend the Friday night & the weekend:
The Heart iQ Experience 
(maximum of  25 participants) 

Option 3:

Attend the Friday night, weekend plus an optional workshop on Monday:
Heart iQ Facilitator Training Day 
Receive skills to lead a Heart iQ Circle

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"I wish the whole world could experience something like this..."

Denise Hagan
Singer & Songwriter

"This young man can articulate these messages as well as, if not better than I can. He is a profound source of depth and clarity."

Neale Donald Walsch
Best Selling Author of Conversations with God

100% Quality Guarantee

We want you to be in your joy when registering for this event, so we've decided to remove all of the risk!

If after completing the event (all sessions), you feel we did not deliver the value expected, just let one of our event staff know at the end of the event (but before you leave) and we'll arrange an immediate refund.

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