What is Heart iQ?

If you’ve ever asked yourself: 

  • “How can I feel more joy in my life?”
  • “How can I experience a rich and deep intimacy with my partner?”
  • “How can I make a profound impact and an income through facilitation and coaching?”
  • “How can I provide an education for my child that honors not just academic ability, but also emotional, social and creative skills as well?”
  • “How can I connect with others who are passionate about being more real, aware and heart intelligent in their lives?”
  • “How can I upgrade my business to be more heart intelligent and socially conscious?”
  • “How can I find my life’s purpose and make the biggest difference with my gifts?”


…You’re in the RIGHT place!

“I can’t imagine my life now without Heart iQ. My friends and family can’t believe the transformation! I’m a completely transformed person.

After years of just ‘getting by,’ I finally feel like myself again and that everything is possible. My heart cannot thank you enough!”


Amy, USA

Heart iQ Coach, Graduated in 2014

What Is Heart iQ? And why it matters...


Dear Friend,

Welcome! ‍

If this is your first time here, then you're probably wondering, "WHAT IS HEART IQ? and "WHY DO I NEED IT?"

Heart IQ™ is the practice of meaningful, heartfelt and authentic connection with yourself and others.

As a child, you probably went to a school where you learned mostly academics, leaving your emotional-energetic development in the hands of your parents, teachers and other primary caregivers.

Even though our society has evolved in many amazing ways, such as technology, we seem to have forgotten how to feel connected with each other and ourselves through compassion, depth, authenticity and love. Instead, it’s become more common to operate from a head-driven, emotionally-disconnected place where we relate as though we are separate from the world around us.

I created Heart IQ™ to offer another option that gives us a safe, enjoyable and easy way to connect back to who we really are and to build a heart intelligent community filled with individuals who are authentic and real, and committed to living a fully inspired life.

Christian Pankhurst
Heart IQ Retreat Centre, Netherlands

An Evolution of Communication

The language of Heart iQ is the result of over twenty years of study and research in the fields of heart centered communication, authentic relating and embodiment.

Through direct observation of thousands of group interactions during my deep dive relationship and awakening retreats, I began to see patterns of communication and conflict, and learned how to translate these dynamics into a new language of the heart that everyone can learn.

Language has evolved over thousands of years, becoming more advanced over time. The introduction of verbal communication using basic hand signals and grunts was a huge leap forward in our evolution as it allowed us to convey complex ideas. It led to massive innovation, collaboration and change on a worldwide scale.

Despite the move toward a more technologically connected world, it is clear that we are divided on many deeper levels. Nations are at war, communities are in conflict, families are breaking apart, couples are divorcing and individuals are suffering with loneliness and a sense of separation that is being numbed by distractions of modern life – contributing to an increase in mental health issues.

Culture of Connection

 Today’s method of communicating, as advanced as it is, is built to connect the mind instead of our hearts, but it is no longer enough.

We need a new way of communication through connection – a way that connects us to the long-ignored sacred and divine aspects of our true nature and that of others.

Heart iQ is my contribution to the emerging culture of connection where communication occurs on multiple levels simultaneously.  We all know that communication is multifaceted – our words, body, energy, emotions, and spirit all convey our message.
Until now though, there has never been a system to harness all of these aspects TOGETHER.

When we communicate in a way where the aim is not to say the ‘right thing’, but the ‘real thing’, we end up communicating our authentic essence and heart – integrating our higher realms of consciousness with the perfectly imperfect wounded parts of our humanity.

Heart iQ is highly intuitive. It's a language you already know deep down, but to which you have lost access. You were born with it, but it's been conditioned out of you by our mentally driven culture.

Create Impactful Lives

You can empower your life, relationships and community with Heart iQ’s transformational technology. The impacts are truly limitless.

Here’s How Heart IQ™ Can Help You To Get Ahead In Life

Authentic connection and intimacy in relationships

Deep personal happiness, healthy intimate relationships and resonant communities are created when these tools are learned, practiced and used in daily life.

If you feel called to study a deeper, richer, more heart-based approach to authentic connection and intimacy in relationships, then look no further –  Heart iQ will help you get there.

What You'll Learn 

Challenge Content Breakdown

During the 90-Day Heart iQ Challenge, you will be guided through weekly personal, partnered and circle practices. See below for a summary of what you'll learn in each of these areas.

Heart iQ Personal Awakening Practices

Track Your Inner World

Being able to consistently access joy in your daily life can be challenging. We've devised a system of processing your moment-to-moment reality called Heart iQ Tracking.

Heart iQ Tracking provides valuable insight into what’s causing resistance to joy, what’s getting in the way, and which thoughts and judgments are keeping you from loving what is alive in you in every moment.

Increase Capacity

Capacity is the amount of open 'bandwidth' you have available to stay connected to your Heart before you become triggered into collapse, fight, or flight.

If you are operating at low capacity, you will not have the emotional and mental strength to meet your pain and the pain of others in a beneficial and non-toxic way.

In the 90-Day Challenge, you will receive several practices to increase your natural state of capacity.

Amplify Presence

Presence is more than the act of being attentive. In Heart iQ we define Presence as the integrated practice of being in connection to your breath, feeling grounded, energetically 'holding' while being tethered to source and meeting the moment with an open, responsive Heart.

In the 90-Day Challenge you will be guided through practices to increase your embodied presence which will serve every Heart you touch.

Raise Consciousness

A big part of the 90-Day Challenge is to become aware of the multiple layers that make up 'you'. You will learn how to become conscious of your defence mechanisms, your shadows and your blind spots as well as how you suppress your pain and express yourself in unhealthy and toxic ways. ‍

Raising your consciousness in these areas is key to changing old habits and establishing new healthy behaviours.

Become Embodied

Heart iQ is an embodied way of connection and communication with oneself and other. To become more embodied, you’ll embrace bringing your awareness into the body, deepening your connection to movement, breath, sound & touch.

In the 90-Day Challenge you’ll have the opportunity to deepen your embodiment, and as a result, activate your life force while staying grounded and connected to your intrinsic goodness & authentic essence.

Detoxify the BodyMind

Most people are aware of nutritional cleanses where one detoxes the body from the accumulated gunk created from unhealthy eating habits.‍

However, we also need to cleanse our emotional and energetic bodies from the toxic buildup of repressed pain created by making choices that distract us from our feelings and expressing our full light.

In the 90-Day Challenge, you will enter into a gentle detox of your emotional and energetic body bringing awareness, compassion and lightness to your being.

Manage Energy, Trigger & Trauma

We are all source connected expressions of love and light. Yet we also carry wounding and trauma, that can often go “underground,” sabotaging our personal happiness and relationships.

In the 90-Day Challenge, you will learn how to hold all of your parts in love and navigate triggers more effectively.

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Heart iQ Relationship Building Practices

Share Triggers Effectively

Most of us have felt triggered in connection with others, especially those we love. Learning how to track these triggers and unpack the 'zip file' so we may own our projections and stay in healthy connection is a cornerstone of Heart iQ.

In the 90-Day Challenge, you will practice sharing your inner world without blame or collapse, while staying in your truth. Building this capacity will allow you to feel others and be felt, to be in connection rather than conflict, in what historically may have felt stressful and overwhelming.

Own Your Stuff

Knowing how to listen, acknowledge, praise, reassure, confirm another's reality, while moving your emotion in a non-toxic way is critical.

You'll learn how to consciously express and own your stuff which will create more connection rather than closure and shut down.

Release Toxic Relationship Dynamics

When we're not conscious of how we use our pain to hurt, manipulate, castrate or punish, we are in a state of weaponised closure, where our closed heart is now wanting to act out rather than open to the heart break and be with it consciously.

You're going to learn how to track your pain, your shadows and defence strategies while learning how to communicate them lovingly with compassion and grace.

Resolve Conflicts Artfully

It is expected that as we journey together and open our hearts, disappointment, hurt and boundary violations will come up. However, how we communicate and repair in those moments is not only critical, it's an art form. ‍

n the 90-Day Challenge, you'll have the opportunity to practice and experience how intimacy can actually deepen through sharing your withholds.

"Dare to Share"

It's easy to share non-triggering stuff when everyone is in a good place. But how to share when there’s a risk of causing pain, heartbreak or anger?

In the 90-Day Challenge, you'll be invited to practice sharing in a way that will avoid the common pitfalls of this level of communication, allowing you to be free to live your truth.

Agreements for a Safe Container

Making relationship and connection agreements is one of the most vital things you can do to foster both your personal awakening, as well as create depth, intimacy and juiciness in your relationships.‍

Much of the pain that’s transferred between you and another is due to personal and relationship boundaries not being defined and needs not being spoken.

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Heart iQ Personal Awakening Practices

The Laws of Energetic Group Dynamics

When gathering together in groups larger than 8, group dynamics begin to emerge. Learning to understand these dynamics will help you translate what is happening without taking on the energies in the amplified field.

Being in circle can be very rich and gratifying, but if you don't understand what is happening in the field, it can leave you confused, disconnected and re-traumatised.

The Heart iQ Circle Protocol

In the 90-Day Challenge, you will be trained in a basic structure around how to be in circle, how to open up the space and guide shares, as well as how to share impact and 'medicine' and close the circle properly.

Learning to facilitate basic structure is a key element in Heart iQ as circles derail very quickly without leadership. Leadership in a circle is provided by different members in the group who have clarity on what’s moving in the moment.

Heart iQ Generational Healing Circle

Some of our pain can't be cleared on our own or in relationship because it is collective in nature – passed on from others that came before us.

We call this ‘generational pain’ and the best way to clear it is through a specific practice we teach in the 90-Day Challenge.

Group Agreements

Having clear agreements is critical for successful communities and circles to flourish. Agreements create a container for everyone to rest in, and it establishes safety and protocols for certain dynamics if and when they occur. ‍

The more we speak the unspoken, the more resonant a field becomes. Therefore, the clearer you make the agreements up front, the higher the quality of circle you will have.

Heart iQ Wisdom Council

One of the most powerful ways to get insight about a specific area of your life is to call a ‘wisdom council’. We can leverage the wisdom of the amplified field to reflect areas of your life that you might be missing or that are hidden in your blind spots.

Learning to be in a wisdom council is a great skill to have and will serve you and others for the rest of your life.

Clearing Conflict in Circle

An important part of community living is to clear conflicts quickly and directly in order to keep the field and the community emotionally hygienic.

However, learning to clear withholds and judgments without getting into deeper conflict and disconnection requires a lot of skill and practice, a journey you will begin here in the 90-day Challenge.

Giving & Receiving Feedback

Feedback is the key to growth. We cannot see ourselves fully without a mirror. Learning to give high quality feedback requires wielding a sharp and accurate sword since there’s no use in looking into a distorted mirror. Similarly, receiving feedback requires openness to change and humility to accept what might feel like bitter pills to swallow.

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What You'll Receive

Course Breakdown and Structure

Home Study Program (Delivered 100% Online)

Receive high quality videos and tutorials

Delivered on our mobile friendly and easy to use Heart iQ Academy training site.

Every Week, you will receive three core practices (personal, relational & circle). Each practice comes complete with worksheets so that you can follow the steps with ease. We recommend doing the Challenge with a loved one or alternatively, get paired up with someone else on the course. This way, when you get your weekly practices, you can take time to try them out and get a deeper, embodied experience.

Optionally, if you would like to go deeper into the theory and refine your practice of the work, Christian will release additional supplemental lessons five days a week. 

Need help? Get access to Sumir and Christian for the 90 days through our Q&A service on the training site. At the bottom of every lesson there's space to leave your questions and Christian and Sumir will personally respond.

One of the perks of our training platform is the emphasis on connection and community with other members. Many graduates of the program report they develop life long friendships and some even found the love of their life!

What Others Say

Hear directly from other Heart iQ Graduates


“As guys, we don’t know how to access our emotions, but the work of Heart iQ has made it safe for me to go there.”

United Kingdom

“I had become blocked in my feelings for my wife and children. With Heart iQ, I started having more space inside me to feel how much love I have for all of them. I’ve learned that I have to keep my inner space clear so that I can feel what’s important to me. It’s the space inside me that allows me to let them in more deeply.”

Simon M
United Kingdom

"These days, I have shared things with my husband that I haven’t shared in seventeen years, and it feels so great and relieving—and he is still here! To have all these tools and to experience that people can go through things and feel more joy, all this is encouraging me to know that I can do this more in my life."


I had become blocked in my feelings for my wife and children. With Heart iQ, I started having more space inside me to feel how much love I have for all of them. I’ve learned that I have to keep my inner space clear so that I can feel what’s important to me. It’s the space inside me that allows me to let them in more deeply.

United Kingdom

“I can now feel what I want and then ask for what I want. This had made a huge difference for me to feel safe and secure in my relationship.”

United Kingdom

“I can’t really remember feeling so joyful before; I’m wide open! I feel like I’ve been present to a coming together in such a beautiful way through this work.”

Simon G.
United Kingdom

“These days, I have shared things with my husband that I haven’t shared in seventeen years, and it feels so great and relieving—and he is still here! To have all these tools and to experience that people can go through things and feel more joy, all this is encouraging me to know that I can do this more in my life.”


“I’m taking away an acceptance that it’s okay and safe to embrace all of me. In fact, I relish it now because that’s when my heart smiles!”

United States

“Through this work, I know that it’s safe to speak my truth in the moment and that I can rely on my own safety within.”


“I feel joyful, light, still, and allowed to drop deep in my feminine power and vulnerability. I thank you for having such a clear program, and in such a short time, getting to the core.”


“Sometimes, I end up getting stuck on what I want, and I can’t see the whole picture. Through this work, I’ve realized I have such a great relationship with my partner. We have a wonderful life together!”


“There have been so many ‘Oh My God!’ life-changing moments; it’s fantastic!”

United Kingdom

“This is one of the best personal development experiences I’ve had in my eighteen years of working on myself. You incorporate the whole experience—body, mind, and spirit. It was so rich!”


“The most important thing I take away is to be able to track my own thoughts and feelings and not to immediately judge them or diagnose myself after ten seconds. I don’t have to follow old patterns, and it feels really good! It’s been a confirmation that all the things we’ve done to this point have brought us here, and I know I’m on the way now.”


“I realize that it can be joyful to work on my shit!”


“I’m taking away a clear and constant heart. I’m taking away tools that can make my really good relationship great!”

United Kingdom

“I feel really open—I feel like I have love for the whole world. I never thought it would be possible in such a short time to get insights that I’ve been trying to find for so long. I’ve been trying to let go of an old relationship that was so painful for me, and I could finally release it through this work.”

Meet Christian & Sumir

About Your Facilitators

Christian and I have a remarkable relationship —  inextricably soul connected, guardians of each other's goodness, in support of whatever brings the other joy, and in deep devotion to the emotional hygiene and heart intelligence that has created our rich and varied history.  However, it has been a long and winding road to get here.

I met Christian in early 2014, and within several months, a truly inspiring, heart opening romantic relationship began to blossom between us.  Because we were aligned and connected on so many levels, I felt a resounding “yes!” to help nurture and grow Christian’s visionary work, Heart iQ, joining his company as CEO, and by 2015 we set our sights on creating a home for the Heart iQ community.  On the first day of 2016, our shared vision was birthed!  New Eden, a beautiful retreat centre in the heart of Friesland, became ours to tend and raise like the love child it was.

As with many couples who partner in both professional purpose and romantic love, the years brought us plenty of challenges and lessons.  We shared sleepless nights and red eye flights; deliberated over financial challenges and the right next steps; gave everything we had to our community, sometimes even to our own detriment; built multiple successful businesses; traveled the world; laughed and grieved; stood before the firing squad of judgements, assumptions and doubts; and, eventually, shattered each other's hearts…yet we found our way back to one another again, stronger and deeper as a result of all that we had shared.

As we each have grown personally, our relationship has matured and has produced a capacity for us to weather any storm together.   Our shared love is surpassed only by our courage to lean into our fears and create a culture of emotional hygiene that continues to deepen our compassion, humor, gratitude, and support for one another.  Of course, we’re not perfect. We haven't been and don't aspire to be.  However, we trust that the broad range of our individual and shared experience, from tragedy to ecstasy, as well as our hearts, gifts and skills, allow us to uniquely support each of you on your own path of becoming.

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