Awakened Living TV


Humanity 3.0 is a state of awakened living that we are being invited to step into, both individually and collectively. To accelerate this process, Heart iQ has created a ‘Gymnasium for the Heart & Soul’ to practice the vital skills needed to live in a culture of connection, transparency and togetherness.

Join Heart iQ Founder, Christian Pankhurst, weekly on a journey of deep healing and discovery, as he shares his revolutionary approach to living life from the Heart. Learn more about Humanity 3.0 in the video below.



  • When: Each week on Sunday at 8am Eastern, 1pm UK & 2pm Europe, free until March 31st 2021.

  • Duration: Each broadcast runs for 2-4 hours, with breaks.

  • Can't make it live? We offer replays in a designated members area.

  • Cost: There is no cost, it's a free service until the end of March 2021.

Watching Awakened Living TV Will Help You:

♥️ Experience the beauty and aliveness of our open heart.

♥️ Receive some of the most cutting-edge embodiment practices, teachings and tools for personal awakening that can be applied to your life forever.

♥️ Learn how to move instantly from a collapsed place of unworthiness into your strength and authentic power.

♥️ Tap into your inner knowing, and your hearts goodness to remember your life's purpose.

♥️ Liberate any bound life force energy that is dormant or ‘stuck’ in your physical, emotional and energetic body.

♥️ Deepen your capacity to open through embodied connection to yourself, in relationships and in group fields.

♥️ Embrace your wounding as your superpower and start to transform it into a gift to share with the world.

♥️ Be re-inspired by human potential and what’s possible in conscious connection with others.

The Incredible Upgrade You'll Receive 



Do you ever feel numb? Have you ever had the thought that there must be more energy & vitality available to you but you just can’t seem to tap it? Heart iQ can help you feel more love, more connection, more worth, more personal power, more choice, more health, more depth... more of EVERYTHING!


Increasing the amount of Joy you experience is a simple process. Either increase the amount of life, love, energy and emotion you can let in or increase the amount of life, love, energy and emotion you let out. In Heart iQ you will learn to do both – to get more of who you are OUT while letting more of life IN.


An important part of Heart iQ is building heart centered community & celebrating our connection. In today’s climate of isolation it's more important than ever to stay connected & lit up. At Heart iQ you will experience profound connections with others & feel part of a growing worldwide family & community.