Heart iQ Academy

An Education For a Lifetime

Go deep with your Heart iQ journey by attending premium Heart iQ events at a massive discount. You pay a set monthly or annual fee based on your income, and you can come to any or all of the four week long intensives we are running in 2018.

What is the Heart iQ Academy?

The Heart iQ Academy offers a new way to upgrade your life with Heart iQ.

As a member, you get unlimited access to any or all premium Heart iQ events at our retreat centre (saving thousands of €) as well as access to the Inner Circle Facebook group.

Learn more by listening to Heart iQ Founder, Christian Pankhurst as he shares about the new Heart iQ Academy.


A Place For Your Needs to Be Met

Expand Your Range

At the Heart iQ Academy, you get to deepen your own practice of expanding your emotional-energetic range, feeling more open and deep through circles, movement classes and men and women's embodiment.

Improve Your Intimacy

Whether you come with your partner or come alone, enjoy working on your relationship. We'll be offering classes in conflict resolution, sharing your truth, polarity building, heart centered communication and intimacy.

Supportive Tribe

Connect with your tribe and enjoy the land. Move, dance, connect with friends and have meaningful conversations. Restore your health, nourish your heart and soul and feed your mind. Welcome to New Eden.

Choose Which Events You Want To Experience

At the Heart iQ Academy, we offer an opportunity to dive deep into a wide variety of event themes offering opportunities to expand your Heart iQ in all areas of life.

Accelerate Your Awakening

This week offers opportunities to deepen your healing journey and to remove the resistance that holds you back from finding and living your purpose.

Deepen Your Intimacy

The week offers opportunities in enlightened sexuality, couples work, heart centered communication, self-intimacy, and men and women's work.

Help Create Tomorrow's World

This week offers opportunities to help upgrade society to Humanity 3.0. Learn about community building, sustainable living & new ways to create a unified humanity.

Heart IQ Leadership Mastery

This week offers opportunities to learn about circle facilitation and how to create a Heart Intelligent business. Make an impact and an income doing what you love.

Accelerated Awakening Ultima

Standard A-La-Carte Price For Non-Academy Members: €1000 - €4000

May 21st - 27th
Remove The Resistance, The Self-Sabotage and the Fear Based Limiting Beliefs That Hold You Back From Expressing Your Full Authentic Self.

Fire Circles

Connect to your fire, claim your 'no' and connect for your deep YES for life! Fire circles help you clear the blockages that get in the way of you accessing your juice and aliveness. 

Grief Circles

Feeling your grief and having it felt in the presence of others is an incredibly healing experience, one that we can offer in a sacred space that honours the memories of the losses in your life.

Shadow Circles

It's important to claim and integrate the parts of you that you have denied and repressed as these parts hold the key to your purpose, destiny and legacy. It's time to shine your light!

Sacred Theatre

These circles offer you an opportunity to practice making art out of your human experience through music, movement sound and breath. These circles will change your life forever.

Forgiveness Circles

Releasing shame, unworthiness and guilt are the cornerstones of forgiving yourself and releasing bound trapped life force that has been stored in that part of you that beats yourself up. 

Brotherhood Circles

A circle for men to gather and connect as men to explore their tribal connection and the opportunity to be nourished and healed by the masculine. Beautiful, deep and opening.

Sisterhood Circles

Practice building healthy non-competitive connection with your sisters in this women only circle. You'll discover how essential it is to your happiness to have healthy sisterhood in your life.

Sacred Union Circle

A place to explore the beautiful union of the masculine and feminine by looking at the relationship dynamics between men and women. These circles will show you what's possible!

The Intimacy University

Standard A-La-Carte Price For Non-Academy Members: €1000 - €4000

July 23rd - 29th
Everything you ever wanted to learn about Heart Intelligent relationships, intimacy and heart-opening sexuality.

Insights To Intimacy

Learn the Heart iQ Communication skills needed to express your deepest truth from the Heart. Learn why relationships fail and how to make them work. 

Polarity Training

Experience more sexual magnetism in your relationship(s) by learning how to increase your polarity with your lover(s). Deepen your intimacy with others.

Sacred Sexuality

Connect your Heart to your genitals so you can feel your deepest Heart during sex. Get out of your mind and open to new ecstatic parts of you.

Couples Mentoring

These circles offer an opportunity to shine light on the dynamics that keep your relationship stuck. Break old patterns and free yourself from the past.

Men's Work

Become more present and develop a deeper connection to your body, your sexual life force and your light. Bring more embodied consciousness into your connection with women.

Women's Work

Open your Heart and learn to surrender. Connect to the light and dark love that is present in every cell of your body, practicing becoming a portal of pleasure for yourself and others.

LifeForce Activation

Receive special body work sessions, where your nervous system can release tension and upgrade to new circuitry that allows more life force to flow through you. 

Conflict Resolution

Take a class in group dynamics and conflict resolution learning skills to share disappointments, judgements and projections in a way that everyone stays open and benefits.

Co-Create Humanity 3.0

Standard A-La-Carte Price For Non-Academy Members: €1000 - €4000

September 3rd - 9th
Experience how to live in community and develop skills to create a new way of living back home.

Building Tribe

Learn the essential building blocks to creating a healthy community using the Heart iQ empowerment technology. Learn about conflict resolution and managing group dynamics and dissonant needs.

Temple Arts

Learn about the ancient art of ceremony, rites of passage, portal work, priestess and goddess initiation, extra-sensory perception and psychic/mystical gifts. Evoke your magician! 

Living Off The Land

Connect with nature, be one with the land. Learn about sustainable living, alternative farming and conscious food. In this class, you'll be exposed to new ways to live in harmony with nature.


Claim your wisdom as an elder and contribute to community in ways only elders can. Remember the lost art of being part of a conscious village with everyone working together.


A circle for men to gather and connect as men to explore their tribal connection and the opportunity to be nourished and healed by the masculine. Beautiful, deep and opening.


Practice building healthy non-competitive connection with your sisters in this women only circle. You'll discover how essential it is to your happiness to have healthy sisterhood in your life.

Humanity 3.0

A class to discuss what a new society looks like and how we can create social and political change around the the concept of a Unified Humanity. Deep, meaningful and cutting edge.

Alternate Currency

Learn about alternative and complimentary currencies and how a resource based economy can take our world into a new era of peace and abundance for all.

Heart iQ Leadership Mastery

Standard A-La-Carte Price For Non-Academy Members: €1000 - €4000

November 12th - 18th
Develop the skills to coach couples, facilitate circles and build a Heart Intelligent business.

Heart iQ Circle Mastery

Learn to facilitate circle and discover new parts of yourself! Discover skills that you can apply to your coaching and practitioner tool box.

Relationship Mastery

Learn the art of Heart iQ Relationship coaching so you can leave with skills to coach and mentor couples in distress. You'll leave able to coach yourself too!

Heart iQ Business Mastery

Learn how to create a Heart Intelligent business using conscious commerce and new paradigm marketing. Network with others in our creative space.

Embodied Presentation

Learn the art of embodied presentation and speaking so you can make more impact in your videos and on stage. Stage presence and charisma is critical!

Men's Leadership Training

Learn how to lead men in circle using Heart iQ technology and create brotherhood. 

Women's Leadership Training

Learn how to lead women to connect to their deepest feminine essence and create sisterhood.

High Level Hot Seat Training

Get mentored by Christian in the hot seat as you take command of a circle. For advanced circlers.

Discover Your Purpose

Discover your purpose by transforming your wounding and shadows into gifts.

"This young man can articulate these messages as well as, if not better than I can. He is a profound source of depth and clarity."

Neale Donald Walsch
Best Selling Author of Conversations with God

"I wish the whole world could experience something like this..."

Denise Hagon
Singer and Songwriter

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