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"This was an incredibly well put-together program. Everything was just brilliant! If you want to coach couples from the Heart, then this training is an absolute must."

Heart IQ Relationship Coach, Graduated in December 2015

What Is Heart IQ™?

And Why It's Essential To Learn It

Dear Friend,

Welcome! If this is your first time here, then you're probably wondering, "WHAT IS HEART IQ?" and "WHY DO I NEED IT?"

Christian Pankhurst
Heart IQ Retreat Centre, Netherlands
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Let Me Show You Why Hundreds of Coaches, Therapists and Counselors


 Are Joining Relationship Mastery For Their Personal & Professional Development

Heart IQ is a language built upon the art, science and philosophy of intimate human connection and relationships.

It's a language of unconditional love, a language of the Heart which goes way beyond just the verbal expression that most of us rely upon. 

It integrates every facet of the human-spiritual experience, using your full embodied emotion, energy, sexuality, intellectual, intuitive and spiritual resources to express your deepest truth.  

It is a language that connects us and when you become fluent, you'll have the key to unlocking unlimited Joy, whenever you want to.

Heart IQ, as a language, crosses all borders, all cultures and transcends all verbal limitations. 

It is a global bridge that deepens and transforms your relationship with yourself, your partner and your family. 

And, with enough of us learning this language, we can transform our communities, our tribes and our nations, reconnecting all of us to own intrinsic goodness and essence, to each other, to mother earth and to the divine.

There's nothing woo-woo here. 

The language of Heart IQ is the result of over ten years of study and research. Through direct observation of thousands of group interactions during my deep dive relationship retreats, I began to see patterns of communication and conflict, and more importantly, discovered a way to finally end the suffering and disconnect in ourselves and the world.

I get it... it sounds big and unbelievable but what I discovered in my period of exploration and the implications for you and the others like you are staggering. 

You see, language has evolved over thousands of years becoming more advanced over time. The introduction of verbal communication over basic hand signals and grunts was a huge leap forward in our evolution allowing us to convey complex ideas, leading to massive innovation and collaboration - and change on a worldwide scale.

However, as we move towards a more connected global world, we are struck by the simply truth that we just can’t get along. Nations are at war, communities are in conflict, families are breaking apart, couples are divorcing and individuals are suffering with a loneliness and a sense of separation that is being numbed by the distractions of modern life. 

Our language of today, as advanced as it is, is built to connect minds, not hearts and is no longer enough. 

We need a new way to connect with ourselves, each other and the sacred and divine aspects of our true nature that have been ignored long enough.

Heart IQ™ is the next evolutionary step in language, where communication and connection occur on multiple levels simultaneously, where the aim is not the ‘right thing to say’ but the ‘real thing to say’ and that communication occurs from an integrated multidimensional way.

Heart IQ is highly intuitive. It's a language you already know deep down but have lost access to. You were born with it, but it's been conditioned out of you by our mentally driven culture.

We all know that communication is multifaceted. Words convey. The body conveys. Our energy conveys. Our emotions convey. Our Spirit conveys.

Until now, there has never been a system to harness all of it TOGETHER, to integrate it and LEVERAGE, AMPLIFY and CHANNEL the impact of all these aspects coming together from the HEART to create a super human power that will transform your personal and professional life.

In fact, learning Heart IQ is a wonderful way to impact and be part of a global movement to change the world.

But don't make your focus the world... for it's easy to get lost in service and grandiose purpose.

Therefore, the best gift you can give to this planet is be part of the solution and learn to become fluent in this language of Heart IQ.

When learned, practiced and used in daily life, personal happiness, deep healthy intimate relationships and resonant families are created.


When trained as a Heart IQ Relationship Coach, you'll be able to teach this language to others and make a difference in a way that will simply blow your mind and open your Heart.

If you've been called to study a deeper, richer, more heart-based approach to relationships, intimacy and healing - then look no further, because the Relationship Mastery program is the answer you've been searching for.

Client Spotlight: Coco, United State 

Click the image above to hear Coco share her experience 

How Do You Know if Heart IQ is Right For You?

Heart IQ is a language built on a rich philosophical foundation. Check out some of our tenants below. Do you resonate?


We prioritize the acceptance of ‘what is’ in Clients and ourselves - which means that we agree to not make who we are and where we are in the moment wrong or shameful. This creates safety, which is the most important aspect of our facilitation.


We act from the intention to make the maximum impact with the minimum amount of intervention - which means that we operate with the guideline of ‘less is more’ as a way to trust the intelligent life force that animates each of us.


We practice listening to and following the heart through this work - trusting that life will give us bread crumbs of wisdom to follow as we open our hearts and minds to receiving what is real and possible in the moment. We agree to move forward in our own lives and in how we support Clients by following the unfolding and  what moves with ease and inspiration rather than moving toward a goal at all costs.


We live by the truth that we are all intrinsically good and that goodness lies at the core of everyone. All of us carry wounding, some of which will permanently change us. However, our intrinsic goodness remains intact and accessible in spite of our wounding.


We include ALL parts of the Self in this work - dark, light, painful, joyful, awkward, refined, tender, confronting, closed and generous, as examples. Our intention is to integrate these parts in one whole self.


We believe that all healing has its own time; therefore, we allow Clients to be where they are in the moment rather than advising or counseling them to be in a better place.  As a result, we don't push Clients where they don't want to go or hold them accountable for the changes they want to make in their lives. 


We believe that healing is more powerful when in a group. Pain is collective and requires others to digest it fully. Through this collective healing, life spontaneously reorganizes and transforms.

Client Spotlight: Geoff, Canada

Click the image above to hear Geoff share his experience 

Course Overview

What Will You Learn?

Learn how to coach couples to stabilize, repair and rebuild their intimacy

Discover how the ground breaking approach of the Heart IQ™ Method can enhance your relationship coaching skulls and learn all the tools and frameworks you need to immediately apply this work with your clients and see dramatic results.

Build more joyful heart intelligent relationships in your own life

We teach what we need to learn the most. As we learn the skills needed to transform other’s lives, we must embody those some skulls within ourselves, That means, you’ll not just receive a high quality professional education, but a personal transformation experience as well After completing this training, and applying these tools in your own life, your relationships will never be the same again.

Increase your potential for improving the family dynamics of the couples your help

Coaching couples is rewarding because the results are often instant and dramatic. Not only that, the positive impact on the family dynamic is huge, especially if children are involved.

Choose between TWO training tracks:

Choose between TWO training tracks:

Our Essentials Track is for those who want to study at home at their own pace without the need to be officially certified. Our Professional Track is for those who want to receive an in-depth training with certification benefits such as listing on our www. HeartIQ.com coaching directory.

Client Spotlight: Hils, United Kingdom

Click the image above to hear Geoff share his experience 

Course Syllabus

The Relationship Mastery Program runs for 6 months from June to December and is offered in two versions: Essentials & Professional. The program syllabus is the same for both versions, but the Professional track includes a 7-day live Certification event hosted in the Netherlands. The Relationship Mastery Professional is the only track offering full certification as a Heart IQ Relationship Coach.

The Art of Responsiveness

One of the most important skills for couples to practice is becoming more responsive to each other. Responsiveness is the experience of being moved by another's words, energy, emotion and touch. It is the openness that allows another to feel felt. Couples that don't have this vital ingredient will lose polarity and will feel flat. As a coach, you will learn powerful skills to activate this responsiveness in your clients.

The Art of Responsiveness

One of the most important skills for couples to practice is becoming more responsive to each other. Responsiveness is the experience of being moved by another's words, energy, emotion and touch. It is the openness that allows another to feel felt. Couples that don't have this vital ingredient will lose polarity and will feel flat. As a coach, you will learn powerful skills to activate this responsiveness in your clients.

Sacred Relationship Agreements

A key ingredient for creating safety is having clear agreements based upon what each partner wants from the relationship. Sacred relationship agreements help couples to create a safe container for their intimacy to grow and provide the reassurance that both partners are 'on the same page' with their desires, expectations and willingness to meet each other's needs.

"Daring To Share All of Me" Practice

One of the biggest signs that a relationship is out of balance is ‘merging’. Merging occurs when one or both partners lose touch with their own priorities, life force and purpose and focus too much of their energy on their partner or children. One of the skills you’ll be learning is how to support the individuals in a relationship to safely focus their attention back on themselves. Through advanced tracking practices, you’ll learn how to guide each partner in reconnecting to their own passion and dreams, so they can share more of who they are with each other.

The "Acknowledgement" Practice

Relationship Mastery Program is the art of coaching acknowledgement. This means guiding couples into claiming more ownership for what each of them brings to the relationship that doesn't serve to deepen their connection. This is an essential tool to help couples disengage the 'pain-body trigger cycle' that they have co-created unconsciously in their effort to recognize the areas that block their intimacy.

Sharing Disappointments Practice

Even in the healthiest of relationships, we fall short of each other's expectations. Rather than getting stuck in a cycle of defensive projections and judgments, we need a way to express our disappointment without needing to make the other wrong. This process helps couples to courageously express and receive each other with the vulnerability, respect and care they both deserve.

The "Relationship Reset" Process

As a relationship deepens over time, it is natural for unhealthy projections, patterns and bad habits to accumulate, getting in the way of healthy intimacy. One of the processes you will be learning is the Relationship Reset, which as the name suggests, will help your clients reset their intimacy, de-roling and completing with the parts of their relationship that no longer work. This is also an excellent tool for closure.

Client Spotlight: Roel, Belgium

Click the image above to hear Geoff share his experience 

What You'll Receive

Here's the breakdown of what you'll get and how the program is structured


Home Study Program (Delivered 100% Online)

Receive high quality videos, case studies and tutorials each month for 6 months. Delivered on our mobile friendly and easy to use training site.

Each month a new module is released showing clear demos, step by step instructions and case studies on how to coach each of the skills and practices you'll be learning. Throughout the program you can use this training site to post questions about the content and receive access to Christian and his team.


Supervised Coach Training Calls (Delivered 100% Online)

Receive TEN intimate 'high touch' coach training calls with a Certified Supervisor. Put your knowledge into practice with regular sessions delivered over your webcam.

Every two weeks, starting in July, you'll get on a 2 hour call with a small group led by one of our Certified Supervisors. In these calls, you will get a chance to coach, be coached, observe and give feedback. These calls are 100% experiential and are designed for you to apply the teachings from the home study program.


Live Coach Training Event - September 8-14 2016 (Professional Track ONLY)



Receive high quality videos, case studies and tutorials each month for 6 months. Delivered on our mobile friendly and easy to use training site.

After you’ve completed your initial 3 month ‘Training’ portion of the program, you will spend 7 days attending the Heart IQ™ Relationship Coach Training event. This is where you will practice the Heart IQ™ intimacy Practices with others in a live supervised setting. You’ll receive supportive feedback on areas you’ll need to develop before being certified.

More importantly, you will learn the art of Physicalization where you can help a couple connect more intimately by observing how they move and interact with each other physically, and then offering suggestions to help them move their sexual, emotional and  physical energy with more joy and polarity. This is the most important ingredient to transform your coaching and odd value to your clients. What’s more, this is a skill you can NOT learn through a home study program, such as the Essentials Track. It’s a felt sense that needs to be practiced in a live setting. 


Relationship Mastery Home Study Program-
High quality tutorials & case studies
10 Supervised Small Group Training Calls
6 Live ‘Hot Seat’ video webinars with Christian
Ticket to the Heart Summit in September
(or livestream)
Delivered 100% Online
7-Day Live Relationship Coach Training Certification Event
Certification as a Heart IQ™ Relationship Coach
Profile Page on HeartIQ.com Coaching Directory
(include 12 months free listing)

Making The Right Choice

Choose Between Two 'Tracks'
We know that making the decision to continue or start an education in this field is a big commitment, both in time, money and energy. That said, the journey is worth it! As part of our ongoing mission to make this work available and to ensure this is a right fit for you, here are some ways we can help you make the right choice and turn your dream into a reality.



or 6 payments of $397

Delivered 100% ONLINE - No travel required
Relationship Mastery Essentials is a 6 month professional training program delivered 100% online by Christian Pankhurst and his dedicated team of supervisors. This program is perfect blend of home study learning, live interactive calls and small group coaching. This program is perfect if you have a passion for deepening your relationships while learning the art of Heart IQ Relationship Coaching from the comfort of your own home.

Register For The 'Essentials Track'



or 6 payments of $597

Get fully certified as a Heart IQ Relationship Coach
The Professional Track expands on the journey you started with Relationship Mastery Essentials giving you a much deeper education while offering full certification as a Heart IQ Relationship Coach. Relationship Mastery Professional is the same course as ‘Essentials’ with the addition of a 7- day Relationship Coach Training live event hosted at the Heart IQ Retreat Centre in the Netherlands. You will also receive 12 months of free directory listing on www.heartiq.com

Register For The 'Professional Track'

Our Quality Guarantee and Refund Policy

Once you've made your program purchase you have a 14 Day 'Cooling Off' period to consider your investment. Within this 14 day period, your investment is 100% refundable, no questions asked. On the 15th day, if we have not received a refund request, we will consider your commitment confirmed and non-refundable until your program trial period begins.

Once your program begins you will have a 30 day trial period. This period allows you to actively participate in the program for a full 30 days. If after 30 days, you don’t feel we’re delivering the value promised, you will be eligible to apply for a refund.

Applying for a refund requires sending in a completed Refund Request Form for consideration, outlining the ways you have actively participated in the program during your 30 day trial period. When approved, refund requests must be made within the 3 days immediately following your trial period. On the 4th day, we will consider your commitment confirmed and non-refundable.

We require a detailed Refund Request Form because we know if you’re actively participating and as committed to your learning as we are, you will receive the results and experience you desire. If in the unlikely event you take this action and still don’t receive value, we will refund 100% of your tuition. Refunds are processed on the 10th day of the following month from the time of your refund approval.

Finally, we understand that unexpected life occurrences may arise, and we may consider transferring the balance of your investment (one time only) to another Heart IQ program within 18 months of your original purchase with a minimum of 30 days’ advance notice before the program begins. Please note, that this is not a guaranteed transfer, and will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Any cancellations or deferrals made without a 30 day advance notice, will forfeit investment.

Special Bonus Package

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6 x LIVE 'Hot Seat' Webinars with Christian

$997 value

As an extra perk and to support you on your Relationship Mastery Program training, Christian will host monthly live training webinars where you'll be able to see real time demos of the core practices right on the call! Connect with other members of the program, ask questions and give feedback during these 90 minute sessions. These webinars will add an extra dimension to your training and if you can't make them live, replays will be made available.


Register in the first 72 hours and receive...

The Advanced Relationship Dynamics Training

$497 value

If you register within the first 3 days of enrollment, you'll be given complimentary access to our advanced collection of case studies and trainings to give you the next level of refinement in your skills. These case studies will show you how far these skills and practices can go and you'll be given countless tools to add to your coaching repertoire. Claim your spot now on this program to secure this bonus!


FREE Ticket To The 2016 Heart Summit!

$497 value

(Livestream available if you can't make it live)

This special event will take place September 14th - 16th. Enjoy 3 days of inspiration, connection and Heart IQ education facilitated by Christian. If you choose the Professional Track, you're in luck as we've scheduled the Summit right after your 7-Day Coach Training event, so all you need to do is stay on for a few more days... no extra flight necessary! If you decide to do the 'Essentials Track', you are welcome to attend live (space permitting), or alternatively enjoy the Livestream version from the comfort of your home! This truly will be an unforgettable experience. Don't miss it!

Your Trainers

About Christian

 Christian Pankhurst is a world-leading authority on heart-centered communication and heart intelligent relationships. He is the creator of the Heart IQ™ Method, a coaching framework that specializes in group dynamics and intimacy development. This methodology utilizes ‘circle work’ to create incredible results by leveraging the ‘Heart IQ™ Amplified Field’ to accelerate awareness and inspired action.

In 2009, he was awarded the title of ‘Britain’s Next Top Coach’ after winning a national coaching competition with a majority of votes from 92 countries and landing a £100,000 media production package. Following this success, Christian opened the Heart IQ™ Academy in 2011, creating a professional training organization that has certified over 350 personal and small group coaches as well as large event facilitators in over 50 countries around the world. The Heart IQ™ Academy offers a one-of-a-kind education by combining professional coach training in both online and live event formats along with embodied application of these training principles through Christian’s unique circle work method for personal and group awakening.

Christian is also the founder of the Heart IQ™ Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading Heart IQ™ into the heart of families and communities all over the world. Future plans include development of the first Heart IQ™ School at the Foundation’s headquarters in the Netherlands.

Graduating as a Chiropractor in 2002, Christian has worked closely with many world-leading experts in the field of personal transformation. In 2006, after extensive study with mentors from multiple disciplines, he began developing a new approach to coaching individuals and couples that integrates practices from natural healing philosophies, various spiritual teachings, therapeutic psychology, dance and movement modalities, martial arts, embodiment practices, non-violent communication, circling and numerous healing arts disciplines. This grand synthesis provides students with a deep understanding of the human condition and gives them the essential tools they need to help individuals and couples both heal and awaken.

Christian lives in the Netherlands with his partner, Sumir, at the Heart IQ™ Headquarters - a stunning four-hectare retreat and community center near Groningen. Together, they lead the dedicated Heart IQ™ Network team to spread the work of Heart IQ™ around the world.

About Stephanie

Stephanie Fabela is an expert in human dynamics, the expression of the self through embodiment, and relationship intimacy. She has been working with embodiment coaching for the past 14 years in both large and small groups, as well as supporting individuals and couples on their transformation journey. She holds degrees in Art and Cognitive Psychology, which is the study of how human beings develop in their emotional and mental capacity to navigate the experiences of life.

Since 1999, Stephanie has studied the human and energetic anatomy through disciplines such as Chinese and Naturopathic medicine, Network Chiropractic and Somato Respiratory Integration, which all focus on integrating life force through physical expression of focused attention, breath, movement, energy, touch and sound.

In 2011, she discovered the world of Heart IQ™ and began her studies with Christian Pankhurst to become certified as a Heart IQ™ Small Group Circle Coach and Large Event Facilitator. Currently, Stephanie holds two important positions on the Heart IQ™ Network team: Director of Programs and Education and Head Trainer. She works daily with Christian to co-create the training programs that serve those wishing to upgrade their relationship skills and change the course of their lives with coaching the Heart IQ™ Method. She co-facilitates with Christian at all the Heart IQ™ live events, ensuring that students are supported and trained to the highest standards of certification and personal development awakening.

Method. She co-facilitates with Christian at all the Heart IQ™ live events, ensuring that students are supported and trained to the highest standards of certification and personal development awakening.

She currently lives in the Netherlands with her partner, Dan, working to translate the extraordinary work of Heart Intelligence so that it is available and understandable to all those who are brave enough to open their hearts to feeling more of themselves and living a more joyful life.


Some More Client Spotlights

Hélène, Canada

Josefina, Sweden

Kathy, USA

Suus, Netherlands

Mun, USA

Lynette, USA

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