Leadership Mastery

November 14-20, 2018 

High level facilitator training for coaches, leaders & healers. Get trained in the art of group dynamics and develop ninja facilitation skills that will give you the tools to heal yourself and others.

What is Heart iQ Circle Work & Facilitation?

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What is Leadership Mastery?

Leadership Mastery is a 7 day deep dive training in the art of group facilitation, led by Christian Pankhurst, Founder of Heart iQ.
During these 7-days you will experience two retreats, combined into one. You’ll have a deep, nourishing healing experience of your own growth while also learning cutting edge tools, frameworks and processes for guiding others into deep sacred space.

What Happens at the Event?

In the mornings of each full day you will experience Christian in his element, facilitating and demonstrating circle as he knows it best, breaking down the dynamics and revealing his inner world, translating how he is reading the room and guiding the energy.
In the afternoon, a carefully selected group of the more experienced facilitators will lead sessions under Christian’s supervision in what is known as the ‘Hot Seat’. As the sessions unfold Christian offers commentary and support to reveal exactly what is happening and how to leverage the amplified field to make even more impact. Whether you're in the Hot Seat or not, the quality of education, insight and awareness that you will get by watching Christian do emotional-energetic "open heart surgery” in the room is a sight to behold, leaving you inspired and resourced with new ways of working with others and yourself. 
Throughout the day, we debrief, offer feedback and talk about what is happening, leaving no stone unturned, ensuring that all the wisdom from the sessions are integrated into your heart and mind.
At the end of the days after dinner, we’ll gather for nourishing experiences of touch, healing and stillness as we unwind, connect and strengthen the group field.
Additionally, throughout each day, you’ll be guided into your body through movement, dance and self-touch, so your life force becomes fully activated and ready to harvest the bounty of the day. Not only is this critical for your own enjoyment and growth, but you’ll also learn how to lead others in movement and self-intimacy practice. 
Finally, each day, you will spend time practicing leading small group sharing circles and you'll receive helpful feedback from your peers.

A Place For Your Needs to Be Met

In addition to a world-class eduction in group dynamics and facilitation, you can come to experience the relaxation and authentic connection of heart centred community.

Expand Your Range

At Leadership Mastery, you get to deepen your own practice of expanding your emotional-energetic range, feeling more open and deep through circles, movement classes and men and women's embodiment.

Improve Your Intimacy

Whether you come with your partner or come alone, enjoy working on your relationship skills and conscious communication. We'll be diving deep into topics such as conflict resolution, sharing your truth, polarity building & intimacy.

Supportive Tribe

Connect with your tribe and enjoy the land. Move, dance, connect with friends and have meaningful conversations. Restore your health, nourish your heart and soul and feed your mind. Welcome to New Eden.



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"This young man can articulate these messages as well as, if not better than I can. He is a profound source of depth and clarity."

Neale Donald Walsch
Best Selling Author of Conversations with God

"I wish the whole world could experience something like this..."

Denise Hagon
Singer and Songwriter

"Utterly dedicated to every single participant in the room, watching Christian facilitate is a masterclass in itself. There is a beauty and depth to his work that is both subtle, but also practical. My nervous system has literally stretched beyond its original shape and I know this transformation is cellular. If you love witnessing your own metamorphosis from caterpillar through the mulch to a butterfly, this retreat will knock your socks off, blow your mind and re-wire your biology. I can’t recommend it highly enough or wait to go back for more!"

Priya Mahtani
Past Graduate

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November 14th - 20th, New Eden, Netherlands


Prices exclude lodging

A meal package priced at €300, which covers your food for the week at New Eden is required and must be paid separately before the event begins. 

Accommodation at New Eden is available as an option and is recommended, although offsite stays are permitted for this event.


Your Home For The Week

New Eden: Together We Thrive


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