A Sensual Awakening

April 3rd - 9th
New Eden, Netherlands

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"She realised she was the Temple"

Dear Sister, 

As Women, we have been conditioned to behave in ways that ensure we comply with the "rules of society."   

Our compliance to these rules have impacted us as women on many levels,  particularly the dulling of our connection to the powerful gifts of being a Woman and the distrust of our true feminine nature.  

This April, we bring to you a Sexual Awakening experience that defies those rules of society and offers you the opportunity to return (or in some cases discover) the nature of your sensual, sexual, surrendered, orgasmic, loving and powerful feminine nature.    

Please note, this is not a tantric, feminine empowerment or goddess event. Nor is it a sexuality class or “rah rah” seminar. 

This is an exquisitely curated experience designed to be an in the body, in the moment, therapeutic, sensual and sexual awakening.  This is a coming home for the parts of you that have been uninitiated, forgotten, denied, shamed, lost, persecuted or in some cases, never experienced.  This is a safe and conscious container  where you may explore and discover your true nature just outside the confines of your mind.

As women who desire to walk in power and greatness, may you be fiercely proud to stand for the reclamation of the feminine as She moves through you this April. 

In love and truth, 


Founder of Feminine Rising                                                                                   Co-Founder of New Eden

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Feminine Rising Presents Your Women's Retreat at New Eden


Your Women's Retreat

Each day we will explore a different element of the Feminine.  

Embodiment. Evocation. Sensuality. Sexuality. Consciousness. Masculine & Feminine Balance. Self Care. Spirituality. Sisterhood and Feminine Leadership. 

Sessions are designed specifically for your personal exploration, embodiment and integration.  

All sessions are guided by a Feminine Rising Guide and the wisdom of the amplified field of Sisterhood. 


In this immersive week-long experience, you can expect to explore and experience: 

  • Elevate the frequency and vibration of your feminine energy
  • Experience Love (in its entire emotional range) through the body
  • Rewire sensual & sexual pleasure as safe, natural, nourishing and healing  
  • Own your desires and be met in your pleasure & longing 
  • Experience your sacred Surrender, Claim, Yes and No 
  • Explore the evolution of your sensual/sexual nature by real life exploration of your full range
  • Embrace your "shadows" - the parts repressed, rejected, shamed, lied to and exploited
  • Discover stories, fears, lies & limitations that you carry for others or that are no longer yours   
  • Identify where you hold fear, anxiety, numbness, unworthiness and “not enough” in the body 
  • Explore boundaries & find safety in the body - learn to express this verbally & energetically
  • Re-sensitize the body through sensual & sensory practices
  • Release core stress & tension from the body 
  • Nervous system regulation with yourself and others 
  • Experience your birthright to orgasmic life force, safety, pleasure and love beyond measure 
  • Learn to track what’s alive in you & become more emotionally hygenic in your self expression
  • Curated practice and experiences with men (see details below) 


While this experience may be confronting to some parts of you at times, this event is held at the highest level of integrity, in service to love and truth and facilitated by powerful trustworthy women. You will be held in high regard at all times, and your choices always honored.


Who Is This For?

A Special Note to Mothers & Daughters, Sisters and Girlfriends

If you're wondering which of you will attend and which of you will not...

May you find it within yourself to go beyond the limiting beliefs, shame, judgment and expectations of one another and simply both attend.

Be each other's support, not each other's shackles.

A Special Note to the Independent Woman

If there is ever an experience that has been created especially for you, it is this. 

Without the experience and allowance of your natural feminine energy, your fire will eventually burn up your feminine water, creating a cascade of devastating effects on all aspects of your life.  We know you’ve been told (subconsciously we all have) that masculine energy is more powerful and effective, but we can assure you it pales in comparison to the power of your feminine.  At the very least, for the sake of your body and any relationship you may desire, please join us.  Let us care for you and open the space for your most powerful chapter yet. 

A Special Note about Men in the Space

Please note specific men will be invited in for guided practice throughout the week. It is imperative you have the opportunity to rewire any stories, trauma, fear or insecurities in the presence of conscious loving masculine men.  We prepare the space for this to be possible when and if you are ready.  

If your partner is interested in participating in this experience with you, he is invited to join the men's event happening at the same time, and facilitated by Christian Pankhurst. 

Your partner can register here.

Your Feminine Guides

Sumir Brown

Founder of Feminine Rising                                     Co-Founder of New Eden                

Sumir is the founder of Feminine Rising, co-founder of New Eden Retreat Center located in the Netherlands and co-owner of Heart iQ and The Lilley Center in the USA. 

She is an international relationship coach; supporting women, men and couples in their journey of creating emotionally hygienic, heart intelligent, sensually alive devotional love.  

Most importantly, Sumir is a daughter of The Mother and Devotee to Love in its full emotional, energetic, spiritual, and physical range.


Larissa Mulder-Barge

Feminine Rising Guide

Larissa is a relationship, intimacy and sex coach, as well as a dynamic facilitator of embodied sensuality.  

She has been facilitating Sacred Sexuality workshops for couples, individuals and sexuality practitioners for 10 years. Weaving her experience, wisdom & love, Larissa is a lead Feminine Guide for the Intimacy & Sexuality programs at Feminine Rising 

One of her greatest passion's is supporting people in reclaiming the power & innocence of their sexuality, empowerment and deeper connection in themselves, their bodies and their relationships.

7-Day Women's Retreat at New Eden

Embody your unique Feminine Essence. Rebalance your Nature. Evoke Consciousness.

April 3rd - 9th, 2023


Price Breakdown: Food & Accommodation: €600, Women's Retreat: €900

  • All experiences & classes during the week
  • Access to all New Eden facilities including meditation room, co-work spaces, lounge, stunning nature and more
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Your Temple for the Week


New Eden, is located in the Heart of Friesland, Netherlands. We are surrounded by 50 acres of beautiful forest and nature. Private and gloriously free of the noise and distractions of modern life. At New Eden you'll enjoy community and collaboration with other highly conscious and heart intelligent individuals, while still having plenty of space for quality time with yourself or your partner. Here you will naturally co-create with others, be inspired by new friends, recover from burnout or exhaustion and choose from a curated selection of workshops & classes to upgrade your life. Staying at New Eden is like stepping into a different reality of wonder and magic. We go to great lengths to create a strong and loving container for you to stretch into the best version of yourself while creating a culture of acceptance, authenticity, depth of practice, mastery and heart-centered living.

"Vegetarian Dining was Delicious!"

"My room and the food were perfect - simple, nourishing and filled with love!"

"Home away from Home"

"5 stars, for the food & accommodation"

Common Questions

While a large part of our experience will be women only, we will also be welcoming men into our space for specific practice and embodiment experiences.  If your partner would like to attend the Embodied Men's event taking part alongside our Women's event, he can learn more here:

Find out more here.


The Feminine is an ever-changing unfolding.

The rhythm of a Women's bliss seeks new opportunities to deepen, expand, surrender, ignite...daily. 

And most importantly the Feminine craves to be seen...to be witnessed. 

By attending the Women's Week at New Eden, your hearts desire to explore, discovery, practice, and bee seen, will be served a delicious buffet of choices and critical integration time for 7 days!


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