The Embodied Woman Weekend Gathering

January 5th - 7th, 2024

New Eden, The Netherlands

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Inside each woman exists a deep longing to slow down. She may not fully understand, allow or even trust the gifts of slowness…but the longing for a simple and deep intimacy with life remains within her.

This weekend is for women who wish to attune to the power of slowing down. Through guided intimacy practices, expansion of consciousness, and feminine nourishment we will enjoy a graceful journey towards self-empowerment, authentic embodiment, clarity, pleasure and joy. Join us and remember your true self.

There is an unspoken belief in the modern western world that slowing down will somehow slow you down… as in, thwart your progress and desires,  snuff out your fire and put you to sleep. 

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Especially for women.  The truth is that slowing down is the most progressive, expansive, meaningful “action” that any woman can take for herself, her desires and all those she touches. 

Slowing down is our sincere commitment to embodied and present moment creation. It is our gentle and courageous rebellion against the programming we see burning our sisters out across the globe.  It is the mature awareness that opens us to the vast Inner Citadel of our wisdom , empowerment and clarity. It is the sovereign and empowering truth of simplicity.  It is most definitely the gateway to our pleasure and joy. 

Through guided feminine intimacy practices, relaxed awareness, attunement to love and trust, expansion of consciousness and intentional embodiment, we will move beyond outdated concepts of ourselves and lean full heart forward into the splendor and gifts of slowing…down…inside.   

Receptivity, relaxation, softness, consciousness, clarity, groundedness,  and nourishing connection awaits you.   

Life is a continuous journey of ‘forgetting’ and ‘remembering’.  When we slow down we tend to remember.

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The Facilitator

Meet Sumir Brown

Sumir is a sought after international facilitator of Women, Mens and Couples retreats. Her focus is on attunement to love, expansion of consciousness and the Art and Yoga of Beingness. She is the co-owner of New Eden, a beautiful retreat center located in The Netherlands and of The Lilley Center, a cutting edge wellness center located in the United States.  She is the founder of Feminine Rising and the nonprofit, Humanity’s Heart.

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January 5 - 7th, 2024


Includes all meals and shared accommodation

  • Includes all sessions, circles and activities. 

  • Choose either a shared or single room. 
  • 3 x vegetarian meals per day
  • Small group of 25 women max.
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