The Embodied Man Weekend Gathering


New Eden, The Netherlands

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"More than ever, men are being called to step into a new paradigm of leadership. Not the rigid, toxic authoritarian way of the past, but from the sacred loving consciousness and presence that comes from an open Heart."


The Incredible Upgrade That Men Receive at New Eden

A sacred combination of men's work, nourishment & brotherhood makes the Embodied Man Weekend Gathering at New Eden something very special. Witness some of the stories of these men in this short documentary.


What Makes This Experience So Powerful?

Deepen Your Practice

The men's work we do at this weekend gathering will help you deepen your presence, open your heart and reconnect to your authentic essence. The environment we create is safe and joyful where you can meet your edge and be challenged without pushing beyond your limits.

Discover New Ways of Being

A big part of the weekend gathering is the mat work we do in circle. Be prepared to go on a journey of personal, relational and collective exploration, shedding what's ready to dissolve and receive a sacred imprint of what it means to be a conscious, heart connected and a sexually potent man.

Regulate, Recover, Recharge

One of the most important themes of the weekend gathering is to regulate your nervous system and come to rest. As a man, it's likely that you carry stress and burden in your nervous system as you attempt to meet life alone. In order to perform at your best, it will be critical to recharge, recover and get nourished - and there's something men can provide you that you won't be able to find anywhere else.

Feel The Power of Brotherhood

A big part of the weekend gathering is to experience a 'homecoming' and to remember the nourishing and supportive feeling of being part of a tribe of brothers that have your back and can feel you in ways you may not even be able to feel yourself. You may not realise it yet, but having brotherhood in your life is not just a luxury, but an essential ingredient for successfully navigating your life and relationships. 

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RELEASE THE TOXIC MASCULINE and claim your healthy expression of power in the world.

RE-CONNECT WITH THE POWER OF YOUR FEELING BODY to move through the suppression many men carry in their emotions due to insecurity and fear from childhood experiences. 

RELEASE CORE STRESS and surrender into divine relaxation. 

CONNECTION TO YOUR OWN SPIRITUAL NATURE to come into direct contact with your inner wisdom and guidance

CONNECTION WITH YOUR LIFE'S MISSION AND PURPOSE to remember why you are really here, and what gifts you bring to the world

DEEPEN YOUR SEXUAL PRACTICE  so that you can open the feminine Heart with integrity and depth. 

BUILDING HEALTHY MAN-TO-MAN RELATIONSHIPS that lead to growth, connection and real authenticity. Experience brotherhood.

The Facilitator

Meet Christian Pankhurst

Christian Pankhurst is globally recognized as an eminent authority on emergent group dynamics. Through the integration of various embodied modalities, he has devised a groundbreaking method to foster profound transformational spaces, employing a unique circle technology known as Heart iQ. Heart iQ is about doing deep inner work together with others in community.  

This approach is both potent and intuitive, allowing the field's wisdom to steer the course, rather than the facilitator's predetermined agenda. Christian's mastery lies in imparting the art of attuning to the subtle cues within the field and deciphering group dynamics, enabling the circle itself to assume the role of the teacher. Since commencing his journey as a group facilitator in 2002, Christian has amassed an impressive 50,000 hours of teaching experience in circle at his deep dive retreats.  

He had trained and certified more than 400 practitioners, facilitators, and coaches hailing from over 50 countries worldwide. Currently, he primarily teaches in the United States, UK & Europe. In 2015, Christian established and co-founded "New Eden," an idyllic transformational retreat centre nestled in the Netherlands. Spanning a breathtaking 10-acre property, this sanctuary provides an ideal backdrop for immersive and soul-stirring experiences. It serves as his spiritual haven and a sacred space where he delves into his most profound work.

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Winter Gathering:
January 5 - 7th, 2024


Includes all meals and shared accommodation

  • Includes all sessions, circles and activities. 

  • Choose either a shared room or private camping. 
  • 3 x vegetarian meals per day
  • Small group of 25 men max.
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Case Study: Wout's Journey

Watch Wout, a brother who attended a previous gathering at New Eden, document his journey as he experiences first hand the power and transformation of his time in circle at New Eden.


Are You Ready to Experience Real Brotherhood?

Our promise is to provide an environment where you can finally let go, and heal in connection with other men.


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