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The Big Reveal - Part 2, A New Financial Model for a New Era




I did something today that has taken me years to finally do. 

I turned Heart iQ into a movement, funded by a new model of conscious commerce.

Instead of charging set prices for events and experiences, I've moved to a model where you get to contribute an amount based on your salary and what you earn.

That way, Heart iQ is made available to everyone, fairly. Those that have more, pay more and it's all done in trust, with no checks, no shame.

Everyone thinks I'm crazy for doing it, as I risk losing everything I have worked decades to accomplish.

But, in my Heart, I know this is the right step. If it works, Heart iQ will be free to be shared around the world contributing to a United Humanity.

If, on the other hand, the community does not show up, then Heart iQ Network will be gone in a matter of months. 

It's a risk I'm willing to take... because Heart iQ is not a luxury for the privileged few, it's a necessity.


I just couldn't take another day living in the old paradigm of business, money and marketing bullshit. 

I'm done selling Heart iQ and it's time to hand over the future of Heart iQ to you, the community.

It's in your hands now. Are you in?


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