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We're Hiring! New Eden Retreat Centre Manager NEEDED...


We're looking for a deeply committed, Dutch speaking (preferably who can also speak German, English and Friesan) couple or individual to run, manage and operate the New Eden Retreat Centre. 

The perfect person would have to love strategic and operational management, leading teams, staff and maintaining a complex property, willing to oversee high level and complex situations, as well, when needed, to roll up the sleeves and do what is required.

This opportunity includes the option to live onsite at the centre (included) and manage the property full time. 

Not for the faint of heart - but it will be an opportunity of a life time for the right person. 

This is a paid position - not a volunteer role and is the keystone for the successful running of our baby. Experience in hosting, management or hospitality is a real plus as well as being tech savvy with IT and other systems.

Interested? Email [email protected]

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