Success Story: From Czech Girl To Czech Woman

Dear Christian

When I met you back in August 2006 in Skochovice at my first retreat with you in Czech Republic, I had no idea how it would change my life. We often joke with our Czech friends saying 'before Skochovice' and 'after Skochovice', as the transformation from that single event was so dramatic and deep.

Everything started to change for at that time... My relationships, my career, her;th, perceiving everything and life differently, and I started to realise what power is inside of me! Following this beautiful work of Heart iQ, I felt really guided on every step of my journey since.

Meeting you also started my clarity about the man I want in my life! You represented everything at that time what I wanted in a man, and since then I started to dream. The alive and passionate energy you carried, the love and depth you showed, your integrity and authenticity... I couldn't imagine anything less in my man that I saw in you.

I've never felt so beautiful, shining, energetic, inspired, powerful, deeply loving and loved like now! 

Thank you for being who you are. Thank you for following your dreams and never giving up. Thank you for guiding others to live their lives fully and so joyfully.

Kamila Plihalova, Czech Republic

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