Heart IQ August Update


A Summary of the Updates

1) I've moved back full time into the retreat center and it's feeling great! I've connected to a deep claim to the land and am aligning my purpose to focus 100% on birthing New Eden as a European version of 'Omega'. Exciting times ahead, and a bigger update to come in September about this.

2) We just had two stellar events here. The first was the Intimacy University for singles and couples wanting to go deeper into Heart iQ Relationship work. We're now in the planning stages for the best way to teach the Intimacy Arts at New Eden. Yesterday, we completed our third annual Heart iQ Family Retreat - a beautiful gathering of around 45 adults and children in a conscious safe environment. The highlight for me was the group nurture space that felt like coming home. Big thanks to Roos, Anne and Sybille for putting the event together!

3) The final men's retreat this year is coming up on Thursday, which I'm really looking forward to. We've got 25 men coming to New Eden to get nourished and deepened in ways only men can provide each other. 

4) I've created a brand new event called Thrive! It's a week long conscious vacation for those wishing to disarm the neurological defence and stress of daily life. It's taking place September 3rd - 9th and registration is open now for both Academy and non-Academy members. Enjoy a heated pool, jacuzzi, daily circles, yoga, body work, movement, organic food, lots of sacred touch and nurture, chill out dance parties and more... 

This is a small intimate group of around 25 people so it's perfect for those wanting low-octane quiet and stillness to feel restored and connected.

Click here to register your spot at Thrive!

5) Finally, we've open registration for the Heart iQ Experience - the only event for newbies to get initiated into Heart iQ. It's now been updated with my latest Heart iQ upgrades and you can choose to attend just one, two or all three days based on your time availability and budget.

Early bird prices are ending soon, so go and register your ticket here.

There's more, but you can watch the video if you're curious...


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